Download these three great Trading Discipline Audios by Norman Hallet. No matter what you trade stocks, forex, futures, options, commodities, ETFs, bonds or whatever, you need a lot of trading discipline in your trading decisions. Turn $200 into $100K in just 3 months with this Penny Stock System. Give 14 days RISK FREE trial to the Options University Trade Alert Service! Norman Hallett from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: For the last several months I’ve been looking for different avenues to diversify my investments.
I’ve been looking especially in the stock market because of it’s potential for the short, mid, and long-term. I keep coming across companies offering “Never Lose Money in the Stock Market” … and it really doesn’t make sense to me.

I know you have have to risk SOMETHING to make money, so to me, the claim “never lose money” can’t be true. That’s not stopping the claims. Apparently, for a fee, a Wall Street professional will help create a portfolio that will preserve your capital while producing a positive return. The idea is to “never lose money.”I’ve stopped there in my “inspection of the notion”. Well, I was told about a very successful advisor, Jamie Dlugosch, who is making this sort of claim, but actually HAS some big-time credibility. He’s a designer of “Top Stock Strategies”. Anyway, I just signed up for his 6-Day Email Course on the topic.

But I did it just as much for the Bonus report…”10 Top Stocks for 2010″. If you want to sit in the email class with me (virtually, of course), it’s FREE…No harm in taking a look at the crazy claim!

Apparently, Wealth Insider Alliance is “letting a few more traders in.”. Lucky us! I’m being a little facetious, because “second chances” are a common practice as part of the promotional process. As I’ve told you before, I don’t mind that… but I guess I’m a bit tired of seeing it EVERY time an online promo is run. THAT SAID… if you’re interested in Wealth Insider and you missed yesterday’s one-day chance to get buy it, here’s what their product involves… It’s all about option spreads …

Bull spreads
Bear spreads
Vertical spreads, etc.

but the key part you need to know is that they strive to:

“Have you earn 5% every month, using different strategies… actually varying the strategies… because of changes in market personality… in order to achieve this.”

This was said to me TODAY, by one of their support people, as the response to my question, “What makes Speed Retirement different from all the other options educators out there?’ So, if you’re looking for get-rich-quick stuff… goodbye to this one! If slow and steady is your style, you may find this interesting… so…. for the last time…