Formulating the psychoanalytic theory of the person, Sigmund Freud postulated two biologically taken roots instincts, as driving powers at the heart of all human behavior: instincts of a life and death instincts. The life instinct works on a pleasure principle. People are moved by search of pleasures and aspiration to avoid a pain at any cost. Requirement for continuous pleasure is powerful and universal motive that should be tamed.

In work “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” Freud has advanced a death instinct.

This instinct is noticed less up and is less strong, than a life instinct. Freud has noticed that all people in the end die, so that a logic conclusion – “the life purpose – death”. In spite of the fact that all of us in long run will die people secretly aspire to kill themselves. Is there actually a widespread motive to find death and to self-destruct? I doubt it. By the end of the life Freud also doubted it.

Freud had no sufficient arguments for idea support about a death instinct. For example, he noticed that his patients stored memoirs on defeats in a life more carefully, than about achievements. He also noticed that many become an inveterate drunkard after returning home from war, when there come difficult times to forget the traumas received in fights. Though these “arguments” do not prove existence of an instinct of death, they show that often it is easier to people to stay at the same place, than to move forward.

It is possible to approve that when you make the bargains, there is no the latent biological motive secretly forcing you to destroy yourself. What does underlie in the self-sabotage? Its roots are more social, than inherited and biological. Self-sabotage is close connected with the concept of fear of success. Individuals with fear of success began to repeat public installations that they cannot succeed in those or other areas. For example, women are stopped by a postulate: you cannot succeed in “the world of men”. To ethnic minorities say that they cannot break through racial barriers, and to children who have grown in working area repeat that they should search only for a physical activity. Anyhow, it is much easier to adhere to a familiar environment, than to run in a new direction. In the basic of self-sabotage is the strong desire to achieve success in area, which was considered earlier as the closed. Though the person aspires to break through a social or psychological barrier to become more significant, than his parents or society repeated, he can experience psychological “rope pulling” between aspiration to success and secret belief in the social installations directed against success, absorbed with milk of mother. To overcome fear of success, it is necessary to reveal these social installations, to recognize the secret belief in them and to be convinced that they false. It is much easier to tell, than to make, but it is a part of struggle for existence and a method to inflict defeat to “motives” of self-sabotage.

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