Vince Lombardi has told once: “The prize – not all; it only the purpose to which it is necessary to aspire”. This citation underlines necessities of statement of clearly definite purpose and indefatigable work on its achievement. But the excessive accent on a prize at any cost can appear harmful, especially in the restless and varying world of trading.

The prize is, of course, important. If you lose too often, in the end, your account will be closed. But it is vital that you looked at prizes from the proper point of view. Set of beginning traders, having tested success at first time, they subsequently give to the market everything. It often occurs, when traders are too self-confident. At a combination of the minimum experience and the big good luck they fly up to heavens, but after all their prizes have no strong support. And in the end, they leave the market. It is possible to win in the beginning and with a brief experience. Such premature successes, however, produce erroneous thinking at beginners. They think that already have necessary skills and can concentrate only on maintenance of advantageous statistics of bargains and image corresponding to it.

But in the end, the unrestrained requirement to win can lead to a failure. On the one hand, the more the trader is concentrated to a victory, the bigger pressure he will test. The overwork stress can improve productivity if the problem is well fulfilled and rather simple. But trading is not easy, and for the beginning trader it at all is impossible, whether he realizes it or not. For example, traders should filter trading set ups through the psychological features, and under the influence of stress the perception will be deformed. It is necessary to develop the quiet and concentrated thinking. But when one feeling, desire of a victory at any cost prevails, it leads to uneasiness, excitation and absent-mindedness.

There are statements of sportsmen, which can be carried and to trading: “Not important – you win or lose; it is important, how you lead game”. With reference to trading, successful trade – a question of construction of firm trading skills and consecutive use of the accurate plan. Trading – a question of extraction of profit from probability, banishing strategy many times so that on you have worked the law of averages. On a great number of perfectly executed bargains you leave with profit. If you follow the plan casually, you cannot take advantage of probability. The statistics of your bargains will fluctuate according to your discipline. The prize is not so important, as sequence and adherence to the game plan. So, when you trade, remember that you win even when incur losses while follow the plan of trade. At consecutive fulfillment of the plan you cannot win the given bargain, but on a considerable quantity of bargains you become the winner.

Before you decide to make a forex investment or start forex trading yourself, better find a good forex book and learn more about forex market – this will save you from lots of troubles and traps.