You are tarrying for your new shining credit card, but receive a denial letter from the card company instead. Why was your credit card application denied? There may be several reasons. The purpose of this article is to explain you the top reasons you can be declined for a credit card.

Year over year credit card institutions receive credit card applications from children hoping to get a credit card. It sounds strange but it occurs regularly. Those teenagers actually do not want to cheat, they merely do not know that to be qualified for a credit card they must be of full age. These days kids have access to lots of so called adult things, for example, they use mobile phones and all the opportunities of the computers and the internet, so they hope to receive credit cards too. So, do not cherish an illusion, you cannot get an approval from a credit card company if you are under eighteen.

The next common reason for an applicant to be denied is if he does not make enough money. To be qualified for a credit card account without any problems he must have some stable income. If an applicant’s income is insufficient, he will not receive a credit card.

Credit card institutions want to see as their customers people with stability in their lives, that is why they always note an applicant’s current occupation and residence. And if an applicant has recently moved or changes jobs often, it is one more reason his credit card application may be denied.

If an applicant owns several credit cards, he may receive denial too. Credit companies are not fans of clients who tend to open too many credit cards and accounts, as it may be an indicator that a person maxes out his cards and is not very good borrower. Credit card institutions are not going to waste their money on those clients who are not very good with their credits and debts.

However, the most common reason of refusal is if the applicant’s credit history is not good or not long enough. If an applicant has none or too short credit, card companies think that like bad credit because in this case they have no grounds to trust a person. Thus, if you have below a certain number credit score, a card company has basis not to risk its money giving you a credit card.

Some common criteria for individuals to receive a credit card are: sufficient income and stable living conditions and current job, excellent credit history. Most likely, an applicant will get a denial for his credit card application if he does not meet these qualifications.

All applicant’s debts like loans and other credit cards will be taken into consideration by a card company as they want to have clients capable to pay off their credit debts.

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