Aachoo –

Aachoo is a “professional social network”. For those of you who don’t know what a “professional social network”,  “premium social network” or a “business social network” is, it consists of a standard social networking platform and may or may not offer free sign up with some features available on free accounts. However, once you sign up for free they offer additional services for a monthly fee.

The primary target audiences for this service are affiliate and/or multi-level marketers (MLM). Some of the premium features offered with Aachoo, for instance, are participation in their forced matrix. Aachoo has a 3×9 forced matrix which allows upgraded members to make money by referring new members into their downline. Some of the other paid features include advertising for your site, access to restricted sections of Aachoo and increased interaction with other members.

Aachoo.com and Aachoo.org are the latest incarnations of internet businesses by entrepreneur Steve Sigman. Mr. Sigman has run a litany of MLM style websites in the past few years the majority of which are no longer on the internet.

A List Of Inactive Sites Steve Sigman Has Run –

  1. Big Gorilla
  2. Gorilla Millions
  3. AppliancesBuyPhone.com
  4. BigMoneyPro
  5. 1MinuteWealth
  6. BigWorldSurf
  7. BigWorldTraffic
  8. BigWorldWealth
  9. BigWorldPro

List Of “Active” Sites Steve Sigman Owns –

  1. Aachoo.com
  2. Aachoo.org
  3. BigWorldPower
  4. CompanyExpress.com
  5. 7DayWealth

I am looking for any feedback about your experiences with Steve Sigman, the website programs listed above and/or Aachoo. Please leave all your comments below this article and if you leave an informative comment you may leave your referral link as well.

Swom –

In this corner we have Aachoo’s main competitor Swom which stands for Super Word Of Mouth and is billed as the social network to connect marketers. Swom has been online for a few months now and is free to sign up for just like Aachoo. They also offer a gold membership which will unlock more features and allow you several more ways to earn money.

Once you sign up with Swom for free you will be able to edit your profile, add friends, join groups and post on your friends walls. You  must upgrade to the Swom Gold package to respond to questions in the Swom Open University (their form of a Yahoo Answers style message board), post questions in Swom University, start your own groups, take the advertising off your profile page, get free advertising on the Swom network and most importantly the ability to make money from referring others and having referrals automatically put into your account.

Swom.com is run by a company called Vocalix Technologies LTD based out of England. The director of Vocalix Technologies as far as I can tell is Steve Leung. One of the positive points is that Vocalix company information is available on the internet including corporate filings and credit histories which I was unable to find with the owners of Aachoo.

List Of Sites Vocalix Was Involved With

  1. Vocalix.com
  2. VocalixDirect.com
  3. CashCulture
  4. RefHost
  5. ReferCentral

One of the troubling items I found regarding Swom and its owners Vocalix Technologies is that it’s now inactive websites still have robots.txt files which prevents robots from indexing them. Why did I bring that up? Because they even prevent the ‘Wayback Machine’ from showing you how they looked in the past when they were active.

Another issue is the Swom.com domain name which is protected by a Domains By Proxy whois guard, which prevents internet users from seeing who has registered a domain name. While Aachoo has contact information listed for the registrant and administrative contacts.

Swom will allow you to be a free member for as long as you like, while Aachoo will only give you a 21 day trial period. Should you choose to upgrade and want your money back, the refund period begins  on the date of your free registration. Swom.com has a convoluted 10 day return policy which I can’t even begin to go into here.

There is a wealth of information available online for both these companies, Aachoo and Swom and the individuals running them. Far more information than I can put in this article, so I encourage all of you to do your due diligence and research them before turning over your credit card and asking your friends to do them same. Also for first hand information here are the links for the sites –

For More Information On Aachoo Click Here

For More Information On Swom Click Here

Please Leave Your Comments Below –

  • Is any info in this article incorrect?
  • Do you use one or both of these services?
  • Have you been paid?
  • What, if any, has been your experience so far?
  • Will the paid social network model work?
  • Are there better services out there?
  • Are Aachoo & Swom scams?

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