By Ahmad A Hassam – Forex Morning Trade Review

As a new trader what you need is a proven and tested system. The problem with most of the new traders is that they start looking for a trading system that can make them rich overnight. They waste most of their time searching for such a Holy Grail. There is no Holy Grail in trading. Every trading system will make winners as well as losers. What you need as a new trader is a trading system that can make more winners as compared to losers.

Now, the best way to start anything new is to go step by step. The same goes in forex trading. You don’t need to jump from one trading system to another. Take one trading system, master it on your demo account. Once, you start feeling confident with that trading system, test it on your mini account. This way, you don’t lose more money. Remember on the mini account 1 pip is equal to $1 whereas on the standard account 1 pip is equal to $10.

So, if you lose 100 pips on the mini account, you are only losing $100 whereas if you had lost 100 pips on the standard account, you would have lost $1000. Trading on the mini account will give you more confidence to eventually start trading on the standard account. Of course it is on the standard account where you are going to make real money.

Mini account trading is like testing the waters before you take the plunge. Trading on the mini account gives you the confidence to eventually graduate to the standard account. Now, if you are a new trader, most probably you are looking for a proven and tested forex trading system that is very simple to trade and can make you money.

Meet Mark Fric. Over the years, he had been been trading for a number of years without success. Forex Morning Trade is what gave him his first success in the forex market. This is a very simple forex trading system that anyone can copy and master.

The Forex Morning Trade System uses the London Open Principle. You see, London is still the forex center of the world. Almost something like 30% of the total currency transactions take place during the London Open Session that starts at 8 A.M GMT.

Most of the major currency moves and trends start during this session. This Forex Morning Trade is simple. You open your computer and the charts. You look for the trade setup in the charts and if you spot one, you enter into a trade with the stop loss and take profit.

After that you are done. There is nothing more to do. You go to to your job or do anything that you want. The trade will take it’s course now and either take profit or hit stop loss. You can’t do anything about it. Forex Morning Trade can easily make you a few thousand dollars each month. Not much but something good for a new trader to gain more confidence as this system is very simple.

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