Watch this 30 minutes weird Stock Trading Video just now. Download the Insider Secrets of Successful Traders Report that has been downloaded more than 73,000 times and discover a Stock Trading Strategy that can turn your $2,000 into $1.7 milion in just under 1.9 years. Mark Soberman, The Seven Summits Trader:They’re static. Meaning, they do what was programmed -and that’s it. Which works great for back-tested data (and that’s why they look so darn good in their marketing material) but *fail miserably* in live markets. If you’re going to use a system, be it a robot or any other method, you need dynamic targets and stops… you need your system to move with the market. Here’s a great example:

Yesterday, 2 minutes after the Crude Oil Inventory Report, I triggered in on a short trade that was breaking to new swing lows. My system recognized that the trade had a high probability and in turn told me to move down my stop, reducing the risk considerably.

Then the market did an ‘about-face’ and started moving upward. In fact, it was the beginning of a long move up with no looking back… the SST flipped me around and got me into the long trade just in the nick of time!

I was able to scale-in with additional positions and both the original reversal trade and the add-on position ZOOMED to full target while our trailing positions picked up even more. All in all, an awesome day picking up $750.00 in just one session. See, a robot (or any other static system for that matter) could not have recognized the quick change in the market saving us from losing a ton of money in a short trade while still giving us tons of potential to pick up +75 points going long. And my system, the Seven Summits Trader, does just that.

If you missed out on today’s Live Demo, I want to invite you to swing by tomorrow to see Friday’s Demonstration. We’ll be putting the SST under a microscope, showing you what it’s like to trade in real-time and announcing the big Facebook contest in case you didn’t hear it this morning.

Overall, it’s going to be one kickin’ live demo 🙂 Don’t miss out – it all happens at 9:30am Eastern (New York Time). Click here to get your logins in advance. We had some really rockin’ price action going this morning in today’s live demo so I do hope you’ll join us tomorrow morning to see what kind of killer results you could expect as a Seven Summits trader.

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