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Mark Soberman, the Seven Summits Trader: I’m calling it my ‘magic crystal ball’ because, you guessed it – it can actually predict market movement. Pretty cool, huh? Check it out for yourself: This brilliant software actually uses predictive forecasting to lock in pips and points using trends. Plus, it doesn’t matter which charting platform, data feed or even market or time frame you’re trading.

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At the very least, just play around with it – and if it’s not for you, just uninstall it. But whatever you do, just download it now! I’d be really bummed if you *could* have seen success with it but didn’t get it while you had the chance…Hey, I hope you’re liking my ‘Crystal Ball’ trading software (the Dynamic Profit Generator). While tinkering away at the DPG, it dawned on me the one thing trading systems are missing these days…the crucial ability to not only catch the smaller moves but also the bigger, ‘homerun’ wins, too.

It’s called trailing and I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. There’s alot of mystique surrounding this technique but if you can manage to learn how to use it, it can make a HUGE difference in your trading. If you’re interested in learning more, I’ll show you how
I trail and the impressive results: +13 points which equal over $1,300.00 in just under 1 Hour…

I’ve also uploaded a few other videos showing just how lucrative trailing can be (and that’s not at all difficult to learn and master!). Just watch the video to see trailing in action… FYI, trailing can be used on really any market. This includes the Russell eMini Futures you see demo’ed in the video but also Forex, Stocks, Options and ETFs. See, so you have NO excuse 🙂