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Well, that’s a normal desire to try out the tool from which you expect to get money. Moreover, we hinted you in what direction one should look when trading on Forex during the times of sudden jumps on the currency market. You already know that finding some time proven algorithm or system of trading does not make sense today, as the market is very hot and reacts to any news “dropped” by the governmental or political body. The market is non-systematic today – surely you should not take these words literally: there are some factors to look at. But the days of ‘open position when this indicator crosses that indicator’ are over. That is why, if you plan to trade seriously you will need every day to track:

– global financial news
– local financial news (if you play on specific pair of currencies)
– official reports about markets that are done by special governmental bodies, committees and organizations
– political news (these nasty politicians influence currencies seriously in the last 12 months)

And, in addition to tracking the necessary information, you must have a proper education about fundamental and technical analysis.

** Demo Trading vs Real Trading **

And now comes the biggest catch. Very often you can hear the story, “When I was doing the demo trading – everything was fine. Then I started the real trade; for a while it was ok, and then I lost almost everything I had.”

Typical case.

In real trading one should have guts made of iron to not get fussy about the money. When any click of a mouse can bring/waste several thousand – this makes one get lost.

Think you have the nerve?

Maybe. But dozens of thousands who thought the same way had to change their opinion.

** Sounds Complicated **

It is. But it is true, we do not want to brainwash you saying “there is a great strategy and it rocks, just trade by the rules” and sell a $99 course that is basically worth nothing – like many others on this market do. Either you learn heard and get results. Or – you hire professionals to do that for you. Though “hire” is not a correct word! You pay them nothing; they just take portion of the profits that they generate on your money.

** Let Professionals Do the Job **

This is the best solution possible.

– You are staying under the roof of top reputable Forex brand

– You are the only owner of the money and no one can touch it (only your).

– Professional traders do their job and fight for the profits on your money.

This is really the best choice. The choice of a smart investor who takes care of time, safety and profitability.