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Vladimir Ribakov is a professional Forex Trader aiming to change the way we all know the Forex market, and he puts his reputation on the line…He waited until the beginning of the New Year to mark the beginning of his activity, to symbolize the beginning of a new era in Forex trading. I have seen many new products and strategies in the last several years but it seems that Vladimir’s new strategy is really something of a different breed. Let me tell you a little about the system:

The system is what Vladimir has been using for several years to extract impressive profits and support a life of high quality for his family. It is a highly accurate strategy that can be used all day and with almost all currency pairs. It is set to change the ugly picture of today’s market, where home-based traders lose their accounts each and every day. It’s not just “stupid” people who are losing. 90% of all traders don’t make it because they are armed with promises instead of being armed with the right tools and education.

Since Vladimir is a wizard when it comes to the Forex market he has been using this strategy without any additional tools. However, for us, he has perfected it and created 4 components to ease our use of his system. Here is a short description of his 4 additional trading tools which come with the system:

1. The sRs Indicator – this is a simple to use but highly potent indicator developed by Vladimir. You don’t actually need to sit all day and watch this indicator, because it is automatically connected to the alert signal that you also get with the package.

2. Customized Template – a special template that eases and simplifies the use of the system.

3. The sRs Alert tool – an alert tells you when to be prepared to enter a trade. This tool is very sophisticated and accurate and relies on Vladimir’s proprietary algorithm.

4. The sRs Money Management and Trade Management Robot – Vladimir uses this system together with his TWO-PHASE smart management system. Instead of relying on users to use it correctly and be negatively affected by emotions, he programmed his money management and trade management rules into a robot (Expert Advisor) to apply after you execute the trade according the system rules.

I think that’s a fair enough description, although this is definitely even more impressive than what I can explain in this email. Suffice it to say the beta-testers have doubled their account in just 1 month of easy casual trading! The rest you can find out on Vladimir’s webpage. It seems to me that if Vladimir is willing to risk his name and reputation, then we need to give him a chance and see what he has prepared for us.