Download this Sublime Forex Champions FREE Software that tells the market direction of any currency pair on 8 different timeframes. Learn this pwoerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Discover the Stealth Forex System! As as new forex trader what you need is a good forex trading system that has been proven and tested to work under different market conditions. If you think, you can develop your own trading system, forget about it. This is not possible for a new trader. Developing a new system can take many years of development and testing. You will have to develop indicators for your system. Plus you will have to test these indicators under different live market conditions.

This is something you should leave to the pro traders for the time being. Your first and foremost duty as a new forex trader is to start making money as soon as possible so that you become more confident and start thinking about becoming a pro forex trader. When you have developed a high level of expertize trading the forex market, you should then think of developing your own systems.

Right now, what you need to do is search for a proven and tested system. When you are about to select one trading system, try to go to the forums and read reviews about that system by other traders who have used that system overtime. This can teach you a lot and give you a lot of clues as to how well the system is.

One such forex system that you must take a look at is the Stealth Forex System. Stealth Forex System has been developed by a husband and wife team, Martin and Virginia who live in Spain and use their system to trade the forex market daily. This system is very simple and easy to use. No theories and no fluffy stuff, plain and simple instructions do this and do that. Very easy and simple to follow step by step instruction. The indicators have been developed by Martin and Virginia. They are simple and easy to use. It has got:

1. Stealth BUY SELL Indicator

2. Stealth LCD Indicator

3. Stealth Hybrid Indicator

4. Stealth Weighted Pivot Points Indicator

5. Stealth Earlybird Alert System

Now, this system uses weighted pivot points. Pivot Points are one of the most powerful tool in the hands of an experienced trader. They are the best leading indicators. Forget about moving averages, MACD, RSI, Stochastics and other technical indicators, all of them are lagging indicators but not Pivot Points. This system uses customized pivot points in setting up a trade with predefined profit targets.

Whatever, Stealth Forex System is being used by thousands of registered traders all over the world. It is simple and easy to use with nothing complicated in it. You don’t need any programming skills or stuff like that to master this simple and easy to use system.

This system can trade all the major currency pairs as well as the crosses. It’s results on EURUSD, the most lucrative currency pair are best. In the hands of an experienced trader, this system can easily make 3,000 to 5,000 pips on average every month. Making 3,000 pips by working not more than 2-4 hours each day is not a bad bargain. 3,000 pips a month means $30,000. Not bad huh!

What you need to do is to download it RISK FREE for 60 days and try it on your demo account. In just two weeks, you will start liking the simplicity and elegance of this simple system that can make hundreds of pips for you if not thousands in the beginning. If it doesn’t make you happy with the results go for a refund!