Watch this M3 Forex Software Videos that show it predicting the DOW crumble days before it happened and discover two powerful indicators that can catapult your forex trading to the highest level. Subscribe to this Candlestick Patterns & Strategies FREE Video Newsletter by Steve Nison. Steinitz Fractal Breakout Custom Indicator made 100% Return every month! Don Steinitz: As most of you know the Steinitz Fractal Custom Indicator v1.53 has been one of our most exciting Forex trading software releases that we’ve had the pleasure to make available to you the Forex trader. Most if not everybody who is currently using our software expressed their wishes to automate this incredibly profitable manual system.

Well, you asked and we answered with our most recent development called the Steinitz Fractal Pterodactyl Robot v1.42 . It took nearly one year to complete from start to finish. It has over 4000 lines of programming code. The robot is based on looking for only the most profitable set up called the 10/50 SMA crossover which puts us in the beginning of a fresh trend looking for counter trend trading opportunities.

Long story short this may be our best creation since the inception of our company. I say this because the profit vs drawdown ratio is unmatched by any other robot on the market. Everybody wants to make money by trading Forex but nobody likes to endure the inevitable drawdown’s.
The Steinitz Fractal Pterodactyl Robot v1.42 not only produces hundreds of pips per month per currency but has very little drawdown i.e. typically less than 7%. For those of you that have the “Steiniz Fractal Custom Indicator” you can load our robot on the same chart with the custom indicator with no problems. In fact, we designed the robot that way.

I am including several backtesting reports and a brief forward trading statement to give you a snapshot of what the robot looks like trading. I’ve also included a 1 1/2 hour webinar for you to watch which explains everything in great detail. Our robot conforms with NFA regulations and works with four or five digit broker pricing. The price of the robot is 379.00 USD. For those of you that have already purchased the “Steinitz Fractal Custom Indicator” will receive a full 179.00 USD credit towards the purchase price of the robot. That means you are purchasing the robot for only 200.00 USD.

Our website has a unique feature which allows for entering your e-mail address, which in turn will send you back a special coupon code that you will type in on the checkout page to receive your discounted software. I cannot guarantee how long I will make this robot available-for-sale. If you want some serious software to make serious money than don’t waste time and take advantage of this offer while it’s still available.