Subscribe to this Candlestick Patterns & Strategies FREE Video Newsletter by Steve Nison considered to be the Father of Candlestick Trading. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Download this 1 Minute Forex Trading System FREE. Norman Hallett here from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: I generally don’t discuss my personal trading techniques. They can easily be misused and/or misconstrued and unless I gave you the complete picture… how I handle a trade sequence from start to finish… it would be of little or no use to you.

However, because I’ll be hosting a Webinar in a couple of days (Wednesday, July 7th) with CandleStick Chart Guru, Steve Nison, I felt this would be a good time to give you some personal trading details.

HERE’S WHAT I DO to trigger a “take” on a trade…

1. I trade from daily charts, but this technique can be used for any time frame.

2. I work with only charts that have an established trend, meaning those that have completed at least one ’round’ of higher highs and higher lows (or lower highs and lower lows).

3. When the trend starts a correction phase (I’ll use an uptrend in this example), I ‘spot’ the bottom of the just-completed upleg and ‘spot’ the top of the just-completed upleg, and apply the Fibonacci Retracement lines.

4. I’m looking for the current correction in the uptrend to correct to one of 3 Fibonacci Retracement levels (38%, 50% or 62%) Note: 50% is really not a FR level, but it commonly a key point.

5. When the market gets to one of these levels, I am in the “acute focus” stage, looking for the turnaround back to the primary trend… and that turnaround signal is given to me via a high-probability CandleStick Reversal Formation (one of 3 formations).

6. When the CSRF is confirmed, I take the trade in the direction of the primary trend, and place my stop on a close-only basis below the 62% correction level.

7. With the first ‘thrust’ higher, I quickly bring my stop to break-even.

At this point, this is all I can reveal. Again, I’m not in the business of giving trading advice… I’m in the business of keeping you mentally and emotionally ‘fit’ to trade… but the fact that THIS EXACT PROCEDURE is responsible for the initiation of over 75% of my trades this year and last year and I’ve done very well, I decided to reveal it.

I did not tell you how I scale in and out of trades on the way up, or go through my target selections, etc., so don’t go using the above without INTEGRATING it into your total trading plan and risk management scheme.

I give you these steps because… well, they’ve been working for me. I’ve combined the scientific TRUTHS of the Fibonacci Ratio, with the EMOTIONAL TRIGGER of Candlesticks…and it’s EXACTLY these emotional triggers Steve Nison will be discussing in his exclusive talk to my subscribers on Wednesday, July 7th, at 8:30 PM Eastern time…

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you cannot be there live at this Webinar, register anyway, and you’ll get the replay link for the event, assuming there are no glitches during the recording procedure. But YOU SHOULD try to be there live as Mr. Nison will take your personal questions right after his formal presentation.

SPECIFICS on Mr. Nison’s presentation:

No matter what you trade, you can improve your performance with these key topics covered in this high-energy, informative and entertaining Webinar…

=> See how Nison Candles will give traders (especially options traders) vital timing advantages in entering BEFORE the potential big moves start.

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=> Discover what the candlestick line is telling you about the health of the market so you know exactly when to exit, enter, or stand aside.

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=> PARTICIPATE in the LIVE Q&A to have rock solid confidence about what you’ve learned at the Webinar.

=> Discover how to use candles with Western indicators for super-confident trading.

You already know I’m a big fan of CandleSticks because they are the best measure, in my opinion, of market emotion… and Steve Nison is the God Father of Candle analysis…