In the definite article, we are going to talk about one of the greatest traders at stock market and his experience. His name is W.D. Gann. He used astro charts in the trading process. He is well – known because he made more than 50 millions dollars at the stock market. His success based on the theory that history constantly repeats itself. He insisted on the event that movements at stock market are cyclical and dynamic of stock exchange is pure maths. He said that once market able go down 2% and next day it goes up for the same 2%. That is why it is important to possess this information to be informed with the ways to make money there. Gann was greatly wondering if somebody tells that gambling is not math.

What else it could be? Moreover, he said that astrological and mathematical principles are in the stem of everything. That is why was easy to him gain so great amount of funds at the stock exchange gambling. Accordingly, to these words we would like to observe cyclical and periodic low of stock market trade. So, we have statement, everything is cyclical. He compared market terms with the cyclical structure of the nature. What it means? Keep on reading this article and you would obviously understand what we are talking about here. He said that coming winter means that spring is behind. Relatively to these words, coming recession means that is far behind.

With the help of this example, we wanted prove you that even nature has its bipolarity of falls and raises, days and nights, pleasure and pain, birth and death, flow and ebb. These events directly correspond with the wins and losses in the stock market business. Technical analysis proves that the price behavior displayed by regular and recurrent patterns. We might observe one more example to prove you that the definite statement is right. We would like observe the Indian premier Stock market. If you discover the situation that is going on there, you would notice that it went up during boom – time and registered a great fall during recession.

That is why, you should be attentive to the stock market you are dealing with. In addition, it would be greatly significant to understand when the recessions and registered take the place at the definite stock exchange. We hope that information we presented to your attention today would be of great value for you. That is why keep on following the articles we are going observe next time at this site. Remember that stock market trade is the niche of business that demands great attention and observing as well. Be lucky and get good profit during speculations.

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