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It’s back to business-as-usual at the banks. You remember them — the guys we bailed out and they thanked us by giving themselves record bonuses. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to root through the couch cushions for spare change to rebuild our investment accounts. People are enraged not just at Wall Street, but also at the government for letting the Street get away with such bad behavior. The only thing saving this market is earnings season, but those quarterly corporate reports are about to dry up pretty soon. When those are gone, where else will the “positive news” come from? Options can help you to capture moves in front of earnings before they even take place. Find out more here >>

Leak No. 21

The fact is, earnings have been serving as a finger in the dam, so to speak. The economy or the markets spring a leak, and a “good” report serves to plug the hole. But what happens when we run out of fingers and toes — how much of a mess are we going to have on our hands after that 21st hole explodes? As if you didn’t have enough reasons to be suspicious of Wall Street, let me ask you, how do you think these companies are reporting Wall Street-beating estimates?

Many companies are low-balling their estimates, and analysts are setting their expectations even-lower. So, it’s really not hard to beat estimates when the limbo bar is affixed firmly on the ground! Many companies are saying that they’re seeing “signs of growth.” Well, they’ve been saying the same thing for the past four quarters. Either there’s growth or there isn’t; signs don’t mean much of anything!Find out how to grow your portfolio in any market condition…The Status Quo isn’t Changing; The Way You Invest Must!

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