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Mark McRae: “We Shook The Market When We Revealed The Best Trading Systems In The World Last Year…And We Just Did It Again!” Here’s something I think you should know – nobody at any level should be allowed to have anything to do with trading until they see the systems that have been released today.

I know it’s a bold statement, but I’m telling you with cold, hard certainty, that nothing you have used, nothing you will probably use this year, will come close to the release of the Surefire Trading Competition systems. Remember, this is no ordinary competition we are talking about. These guys had to trade for one full month under the scrutiny of the general public who could check their results 24 hours a day…that was the easy part.

In round two they had to trade live accounts with strict money management to prove that their systems worked. This is a totally different kettle-of-fish from any system you can normally buy. Quite simply,nobody has gone to this much trouble before to findsystems this strong.

Think about this – we have probably had over 5000 traders take part in my trading competitions over the last year. Do you know how many actually make it to the top 3 in each competition, less than 1%.

This 1% are the best traders in the world and they know the secret of trading, in fact, they are so special that few people ever get to talk to them, never mind see their systems.

Well, today at 9 am EST for a few days only you will be able to join one of the most elite groups of traders in the world. Here’s the bottom line – we are all busy in today’s world, in fact I bet you probably don’t have time to do what you have to do now. Well, I have news for you, that won’t change unless you change something. The systems make this fast, simple and easy to use. Just do what they do!

Lets’ just recap a little here:

– In 10 minutes you could be looking at solution to a lot of your problems. These systems work and have been proven to do so.

– You don’t need to spend a year studying this. Each system is simply laid out on videos, pdf and on the website. We also have professional traders standing by to help with any questions you may have.

– We have one of the best support teams in the business. If you have any question about anything we will be there.

– If you have never seen a chart before or you’re new to trading we have full-time traders who specialize in helping new people.

– Each person has the option of talking with one of my team to help them walk through everything so you don’t feel lost.

– We have a very active forum where you can speak with the winners and other traders who trade for a living.

– You get two of the strongest systems ever released to the public. No other systems in our 8 competition have ever been tested like this.

– We have weekly webinars where you can watch over the shoulder of traders as they take live trades. You can even ask questions as they do it.

– If you want to study, we probably have the biggest library of trading information on the Internet.

– If you like trading robots, we have a section dedicated just to that. We also have a programmer to answer any question you might have about trading robots.

– We have just started a trading robot review section where you can request to have a robot reviewed and we will set it up so everyone can see how it performs.

There’s actually lots more but I thought I should stop there because I’m not sure how long we will allow new people in. We have been closed for a long time and this is the first time the doors have been opened for a long time. It’s all there if you act fast…The easiest way to hop on board the biggest money train in history is open for business: