Get the Ultimate Swing Trading Software FREE. Learn Candlestick Charting and know these Candlestick Patterns! Did you get in? The guys over at the Ultimate Swing Trader camp are finally revealing all the details of the “FX Live” forex training program and all the details of how their simple 10 minute trade strategy works. Attend the kick-off webinar this coming Wednesday, January 20th at 12pm EST U.S. (New York Time) / 9am PST / 5:00 GMT to get the scoop (including time saving tips, the FX Live curriculum, instructors, materials, etc).

These guys tend to be really generous in the webinars, so definitely try to stay at least until you get wind of the ‘Fast-Mover’s’ Bonus (they love discounts and giving stuff away exclusively to their webinar attendees). If you can’t make it, don’t worry – just sign-up so that you’re on the list-they’ll send out the replay later – but I can’t say the bonuses will still be available!

There’s so much hype out there these days that it’s refreshing to see a straight forward system being taught by results-oriented professional traders. Just my two-cents. At any rate, get your seat for Wednesday’s event and I’ll see you there. Competition for those sweet bonuses will be fierce. Just be sure to register early and don’t be late for the best chance at the good stuff: Be sure you secure your bonuses! (It’s rumored they’ll be giving away the entire FX Live training!)

The Ultimate Swing Trader event is TODAY in an hour: at 12pm EST U.S.(New York Time) / 9am PST / 5:00 GMT. Register now if you haven’t already: They’re not holding back. Everything about the UST system will be revealed. See how easy this strategy is to use trading Forex (futures, stocks, or options too!). Don’t miss out! Be sure to sign-up for the webinar even if you can’t make it to the live event. They’ll send a replay for you to watch at your leisure. Although, I’m not sure if the bonuses will still be available…

Norman Hallett from the Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: I’ve told you before why I love using candlestick charts in my own trading…It’s because candlesticks show me DOUBLE the information of old-fashioned bar charts. But when traders use candle charts incorrectly, the consequences are costly. That’s why I want to invite you to a valuable webinar next week… as my special guest.

“Candle Charting Basics & Beyond: Catching The Next Move”


Attend this webinar and you’ll learn these vital principles from Steve Nison himself. He’s the guy who brought candlesticks to Western traders. And he’s an expert at showing how to combine candles with technical indicators for spotting reversals. In other words, Steve is THE EXPERT when it comes to candle charts. As my guest, there is no cost to attend this webinar. Seats are limited, so claim yours now:

DATE: Wednesday, January 20th
TIME: 8:30pm Eastern
LENGTH: Approximately 45 minutes

Full information about this no-cost webinar is available here…I look forward to having you join us!