Well the major two parties have truly screwed up this time. Not only have they ruined any semblance of freedom for the present generation, they have buried the next 2 generations so deep in debt, that few of our grandkids will ever comprehend what quality of life feels like. This has prompted a major reaction in America. It has resulted in the up-swell of support for a fresh party. This new party is collectively being called the national tea party.

So how did we get to this point? The revolutionary war was a end result of individuals who had been pushed to their breaking point with regulations and ever rising taxes. Sound familiar? This began with the Boston teaparty in which the tea was dumped into the harbor. People then as currently do not like to have the fruit of their labors taken from them and then spent on things they don’t believe in. It was that way then and it is that way right now. You can not change human nature. Individuals are endowed with rights by the creator and one of those rights is liberty. The founding fathers had no idea that the tyranny of King George would ever be able to rot America ever again. They painstakingly wrote our constitution to prevent it from happening.

What they didn’t recognize is that the country would move away from the grace of God to a humanist philosophy of elites deciding what is best for the masses. As good as the constitution was, no document is any good if the leaders sworn to uphold it simply ignore it. That is what has occurred. Every year little by little, we lose more of our freedoms. Every year more new laws and rules are forced on us that can imprison us should they be enforced. The undermining of our free market system started after world war II when soviet spies were given positions in our government. Read a great book by Ann Coulter called Treason for an in depth account of how that occurred.

Which brings us to today and the proliferation of the tax day tea party april 15 events everywhere. These are not the kooks and extremists that the evening news would have you believe. No these are in fact the traditional normal Americans who understand what freedom and liberty are, and see it slipping away. They are not from any one party. They include members from no less than 5 parties from all walks of life, race and religions. When a neighborhood hospital closes it’s doors because some law calls for them to treat for free non individuals, that isn’t racist, that is a legitimate hardship to individuals. When it is taught in schools that abortion is a choice yet wearing a seat belt is not a choice, there is something not right. When legislation is going through capitol hill that something a person says can land that person in jail under the classification of hate speech, then something is wrong.

Massachusetts is known as the most socialist sympathetic state as a whole in America. It is nicknamed Taxachusetts. Since the current government with super majorities in both houses can do whatsoever it wants in theory, this makes millions of people edgy. When it was learned that this government was going to bankrupt the country with socialized health care, in which each citizen would be required to purchase no matter how poor, the rising of the teaparts even reached into taxachusetts. Scott Brown, a liberal republican promised to halt the hated health care takeover and he won the election by a considerable margin.