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A few years back, Mark started his Surefire Trading Challenge. This fx trading competition is open to anyone from the world. There are two categories, the Demo Account Category and the Live Trading Category. The results of each Surfire Trading Challenge are announced by Mark on his Next Generation Trading website.

Recently, he announced the winners of the 9th Surefire Trading Challenge. The most amazing thing that happened this time was that the winner was a 20 year old college student Toshko Raychev from Burlington, Vermont USA. Toshko has been trading not more than two years.

His main motive to start trading forex was ofcoure to make money and suplement his monthly income. The amazing thing is that the name of his fx system is also Sure Fire Trading System but it has nothing to do with the Surefire Trading Challenge. His system is infact so simple that even a person who has never traded forex before can use it to make money.

This time, Mark released the details of all the 40 forex systems that had won the Surefire Trading Challenge over the years. These 40 forex trading systems are explained indetail by their developers in the form of interivews who had used them over the years to win the different Surefire Trading Challenge rounds.

The most amazing thing about the winners of the different Surefire Trading Challenges is that most of them are amateur traders who have been trading only for one to two years. Infact, there have been even some winners who have only a few months of trading experience.
This is something real ineresting as it shows that anyone with the determination can become a winning forex trader. What you need is only determination and effort. If you have these two things in you, you can easily become a successful forex trader.

Looking at each one of these forex trading systems is going to teach you a lot. Each one of this forex trading system has been proven and tested in gruelling competition against thousands of other competiting systems. Going through the deails of these forex trading systems is the best forex training anyone can ever have. In these forex trading system you will find systems that have returns as high as 2,956% per month which is just something real astounding.

These forex trading systems are mechanical in nature. It is surprising that these have been released in full detail by their developers. Any experienced programmer can program these systems and convert them in highly successful forex trading systems. I am sure, some would be working on these lines.