Watch this Stock Market Training FREE Video Series that show how to spot the 4 low risk and high probability profit pockets in any stock chart. These stock market training FREE video series is a complimentary gift from Bill Poulos, a veteran trader of many decades and a highly repected trading coach and mentor. Learn How To Trade Futures from Malcolm Robinson, a former LIFFE futures trader. Know this shocking Dow Futures secret that can make you rich. Natural gas (NG) maybe the best trade of this decade. Traders and investors are buying as much natural gas as possible. Analyst Ian Cooper called the bottom in the natural gas and told the readers of $20 Trillion Report to go super long. Ian called it the Ultimate Contrarian Bet. Why he is asking his readers to go super long.

Simple, the supply is out pacing the demand. The ability to drill for shale gas had made the supply picture look unlimited. In the short term the supply picture is bleak. So why now is the best time to buy the NG stocks. Summer is the time when the demand for NG is the lowest.

This is the weakest time for the natural gas consumption. So what you do is buy in June-August and sell in December-January when the North American heating demand will be at the year’s high. Last years in September 2009, NG market saw a large seasonal jump.

So as a trader when you take a look at the natural gas market, you find that the market is poised for a huge breakout. The supply is not keeping pace with the demand and you have the ultimate contrarian bet. So, how to go about trading NG.

One way is to invest in natural gas stocks or ETFs. The other way is to trade natural gas futures.The most direct way to profit from the volatility in the NG market is to trade natural gas futures. Futures trading is something that many investors and traders ignore at their peril.

In fact the futures market is huge. It is a highly regulated market unlike the currency market that is unregulated and over the counter. If you are really interested in trading commodiites than you should learn futures trading. There are dozens and dozens of different futures contracts that you can trade.

So, having the skill to trade futures can give you the opportunity to trade almost any commodity market. Right now there is a great opportunity in the NG, tomorrow, you can profit from the crude oil, gold, silver, other precious metals and even agricultural commodities like cotton.

If you want to learn futures trading than first thing you need to do is to paper trade for at least two months. Two months are enough for you to learn futures trading. You have ample of time to setup the best trade for this decade! So don’t miss it!