Download this Setti Ponti System FREE PDF just now. Discover Nick Lombardi’s Forex Ripper. Meet the High Velocity Market Master and get your FREE COPIES of the Ultimate Day Trading System and the Universal Risk & Money Management Tool! This day trading system can trade stocks, forex and futures on any timeframe and is a gift from Mark Soberman, the President of Netpicks. Don’t miss this 2-day event…the complete HVMM 2010 starter kit…The HVMM 2010 is here! Do you think those guys have lost their mind? Yesterday I sat-in on the High Velocity Market Master webinar where they revealed the 2010 version and announced their 2-day virtual live training event. I was taken aback by the 2010 system’s results. Needless to say they boasted some impressive pro fit. Then, they explained the training event coming up March 25th and 26th.

Frankly, I think they’ve lost it. From what I’ve seen they’re already giving personal support and now they’re adding a 2-day training event. I don’t see how they cover their bottom line…but I guess that’s not for me to worry about. And hey, I’m getting YOU the best deal ever! I’ve seen systems retail for as much as $10,000 with much less support and flexibility. The package comes with everything you need to transform your trading or get started, depending on where you are in your trading career.

*The High Velocity Market Master NEW 2010 Indicator Suite – totally custom indicators you’ll immediately be applying to your charts.

*5 Full Length In-Depth HVMM Training CD’s – comprehensive training you can watch and learn at your own pace.

*HVMM Manual and Guide to Markets & Timeframes – see the key trade set-ups in detail.

* Ultimate Day Trader System at no cost! – a super-intuitive new course that you get before anyone else (it’s not even on the market yet!)

** 2-Day Live, Virtual Training – March 25th & 26th – a live in-person training without the hassle of getting time off of work and traveling, plus the recordings in case you can’t attend both days.

*PLUS access to the exclusive Owner’s Club – you’ll have admittance to live training rooms, full coach support and much more!

I’ve been told, the guys at the HVMM headquarters can only let so many new members in and have a limited number of spots left in the 2-day training event. In order to provide a high level of support, they have to keep their numbers down…I get it. So, I’d act quickly to ensure you get in and don’t miss this opportunity. I’m not sure how much time you’ll have before they reach their capacity. If you had any trouble getting in yesterday – try it again today. I think their system experienced a bit of an overload at one point.