A recent report by the Business Visits & Events Partnership states that the UK Events Industry is worth £36.1 billion. This figure outlines the sheer scale of the UK Events sector and the ever-growing recognition of the impact and importance of Events. Whether it’s corporate, social, private or public, an event is an experience; and can have a huge impact on people, an impact that cannot be established through any other medium. It is because of this that events are so commonly used as a marketing tool. Top brands such as Coca Cola, Orange and Red Bull frequently use large scale events to increase the visibility of their brand and reach their target audience. It is the same case for sporting events, especially with the amount of television coverage it is becoming an extremely powerful marketing channel.

The profitable events industry is made up of countless different sectors with thousands of companies specialising in certain fields. There is everything from event planners to marquee hire companies and from venues to furniture hire companies. There are also companies who provide just one specific offering such as bouncy castle hire Glasgow or crockery hire Surrey. On the other end of the scale you get the large organisations and groups who have the assets, expertise and resources to be able to supply everything you could possibly need. There are a number of high profile Events groups that comprise of different brands that cover everything from catering to entertainment and from event organising to providing insurance.

Christmas is a busy time for those involved in the events industry with a surge of end of year corporate events and Christmas/New years parties taking place. The last few years have seen a steep rise in the amount of organizations deciding to throw some sort of corporate Christmas event. Although Christmas 2009 was an exception to this trend due to the economic climate, speculators believe that 2010 will be a much prettier picture as people are feeling safer about spending money on celebrating again. It is no surprise therefore that companies all over are currently striving to secure contracts and do all they can to make the most of the profitable festive period. With the London 2012 Olympics getting ever closer, the big dogs are battling it out to win tenders for the hugely prestigious sporting event.

As stated by Mike Hurst; ‘Britain has a well-developed infrastructure of destinations, venues and service suppliers offering an array of facilities and a depth of expertise to ensure the successful staging of events and a guarantee of a memorable experience for those attending them. The creative and production skills of the event organising companies located in Britain are second-to-none, as evidenced by their superb track record in designing and staging some of the highest-profile events in the world,
from the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games to the summits of the G8 political leaders, from major industrial, commercial, medical, scientific and educational conferences and trade exhibitions to leading edge motivational events.’

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