Besides preparation of internal resources, it is necessary to pay attention to external factors, which can affect process of training to trade or it is direct to the process of fulfillment of bargains. It is important that to the trader nothing should prevent to work or study, distract his attention or to take away time. It is necessary to know that the human thought is inert and capable to grow by degrees.

It is comparable with train. Imagine, to gain certain skill on Forex, your train should pass one thousand kilometers. It is by degrees dispersed, and here some person pulls emergency brake. It is dispersed, but again emergency brake! It doesn’t give up, again speeds up, but here road has filled up with dust, which is necessary for throw away right now because in apartment it is not enough place and nobody interests, what the trader does and where his train rushes. But when with dust it is finished, it appears that before dispatch, conductors have forgotten to purchase bread and it is necessary to come back urgently instead of waiting an hour and to purchase products at the following station. The one, who can get to such situation, should accept adequate measures in advance that his train of training Forex moved as fast as possible and with a minimum quantity of stops.

Many Traders beginners work on the their main job and have a family. Having come in the evening from work, the trader sits down the trading terminal already in a tired condition. Bargains will already have chaotic character. For professionals this problem is not so important, as they have the perfected mechanism of the trade allowing periodically to give a minimum of efforts and to trade under the planned scenario. For beginners such external factors are as much as possible dangerous, as it is required the maximum concentration of attention in process of training. Therefore, if you do not want Forex to kill your family relations definitively, it is necessary to constitute in advance the plan, to place priorities and not to submit to emotional splashes, that is rather difficult. By the way, ability to constrain during the moment when you are going to close the bargain, and the small child has pressed a button on the network filter and has switched off a computer, the mother-in-law thus has come to visit you and says that you bring up children incorrectly, is very valuable on Forex, as restraint – one of main feature of successful currency trader.

In summary we will sum up. The trader is comparable with the sportsman in certain area. Therefore for achievement of the maximum results in this competition, it is necessary to consider all trifles. As well as in big-time sports, and on Forex, each insignificant at first sight thing can affect an event outcome in the issue. Therefore the trader should develop not only in fields of knowledge of trade in currency, trading strategy, rules of management of capital and to the technician of the analysis of a trading situation. A psychological condition, physical and intellectual development should take a weighty part in perfection of the trader who wishes to become the real professional.

It is important to gather as much info about Forex market as possible. Because this knowledge will help you not to lose much money on Forex trading or Forex investment.

Surely not a single piece of knowledge can be a 100% guarantee against losses, especially on Forex, but sometimes just one Forex book can save you much money.