Forex trading can be quite confusing and intimidating. If you are not a professional forex trader chances are you can use an extra hand to make some good profit. Fortunately there are many tools available to you to help you succeed and the best part is some of them are free! There are many options, but the two tools I recommend most are forex trading robots and forex trend indicators.

Both tools offer advantages and disadvantages that you can utilize for different purposes. The forex trend indicator is an excellent tool for those trading by their own hand. The trend indicator is an excellent tool that follows the trends of the markets and determines the direction whether it be up or down and notifies you. This tool can help you make decisions while making trades that can help you succeed.

On the other hand a forex robot will monitor the trends as well, but the robot will make trades for you, set stop losses and set profit taking. It is fully automated and makes trades for you constantly while running on your computer. You do not have to watch it and you can set it and forget it while you work and sleep. It sounds unbelievably convenient doesn’t it? It is.

You may be saying why not use this automated system? Well, most will and it’s a great option, but if you want more control and your experienced the free forex trend indicator tool comes in handy and may help you trade how you want to. It will essentially guide you, but let you make your own choices and make money. On the other hand the robot will probably trade based on what it is programmed to do and control every aspect of the trades, allowing you to change some settings.

In conclusion, the answer of which one to choose is simply up to you. Perhaps play around with the trades, have fun, trade yourself, but when you want to make some money while you can’t be on the computer, perhaps you are on vacation, working, or eating, one the software, let it work for you. You have many options. Some find a forex trend indicator the best option while others find software an even better option.

It all depends on your experience, for a beginner, the choice may be different than an advanced trader. Some people just want to make money and not learn and let software do the work for them, and you know what it’s not a bad choice at all, why not? On the other hand others will use a trend indicator and make the trades themselves, once again it all depends on the user.

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