Meet the Seven Summits Trader Trader Mark Soberman and download the Crystal-Ball Software that works for forex, stocks, futures, options & ETFs. Watch this weird 30 minutes Stock Trading Nitty Gritty Video just now. Turn $200 into $100 in just 1 month with this FREE Penny Stock Trading Report that shows how to find killer penny stocks. Three words: Live Freakin’ Demo…New Contest (make me proud!)…Live Demo + Mini-Lesson + Contest = Your Friday Morning…Three words: Live Freakin’ Demo. Mark, the ‘evil genius’ that dreamt up the crystal-ball trading app I sent before is throwing a totally live demonstration of his newest trading system, the Seven Summits Trader – and from what I’ve been hearing, it’s going to be off the chain:

He told me that he and his team are not only showing off the system live and in real-time (who else does that??), they’re also giving you a mini-instructional lesson so you can actually learn the basic rules all in one sitting. Plus, I’ve heard that they ‘may or may not’ be unveiling a brand new contest in which you can actually *WIN* a entire copy of the Seven Summits Trader even before it goes on the market.

So to sum up: Live Demo + Mini-Lesson + Contest = Your Friday Morning.

Mark’s been showing off his system’s actual results to me personally via email and I can honestly say that regardless of what kind of wins you’re seeing now, you stand to gain MUCH more with the Seven Summits. But hey, the proof is in the pudding – go check out their live demo on Friday at 9:30am Eastern (New York Time) and see if it’s right for you. I am SO psyched for the contest! Call it bravado but I just *know* one of my list members is totally going to win that Seven Summits system. Make me proud 🙂

Mark Soberman, the Seven Summit Trader: Hey, if you can’t make it to Friday’s Live Demonstration of the Seven Summits Trader – how does TOMORROW (Thursday) sound? Because we’re nearly out of seats for Friday’s webinar, I wanted to give you another shot at catching the demo in case you’re shut out from attending Friday (or in case it’s just plain inconvenient).

So if you’re available tomorrow, Thursday at 9:30am Eastern (New York Time) and want to get a jump on seeing the SST live, in-action – don’t wait! Get your logins here before Thursday’s session fills up, too:

Both Thursday’s and Friday’s will be done LIVE (aka: not pre-recorded as so many webinars are nowadays). We’ll be taking you through the entire system, giving you a mini-lesson on the SST and showing you what the system trades like in normal, every day situations (not just ‘cherry-picked’ unrealistic results). This is your chance TO GRILL US. The SST is in the hot-seat here and we want you to do your own due diligence as you should with *any* system.

And best of all, we’re going to unveil the big Seven Summits CONTEST that I’ve been teasing over the past few days 🙂 Come to Thursday’s Live Demo and get a jump on everyone else! I can’t wait! Get your logins now and we’ll see you tomorrow… And if you’re busy BOTH days (aren’t you popular), just make sure you’re signed up for at least one webinar regardless because I’m going to record the entire presentation and send the reply out (probably Saturday).