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to retire.

…. Don’t want to wait 20 years to double and redouble your money?
— Sick and tired of trying to navigate an unpredictable stock market?

Greg may have a better way for you that has NOTHING to do with being a “genius stock picker” or a “master options trader” or any other nonsense standing in the way of building your retirement nest egg fast.

Greg claims instant income of $18,900 a month or more in stocks. What?

Speed Retirement is about two things: Snowballing your money through hyper-compounding and increasing your monthly income. Greg shows you on the next page how to get a monthly income of $18,900, $27,450, or $37,570 and more from your portfolio. Plus, he shows about how long it would take you to get there starting from where you are now. That’s what interested me…According to Greg, the reason your portfolio is underperforming is NOT because your a poor stock picker.

Or because you’re not a “great trader”.

Those ideas, according to Greg, keep you playing the WRONG GAME. Today, you’re going to turn around and see the markets for what they really are. Understanding what Greg explains in the next page places you in a completely different class of trader…He’s opened 250 spots and last time he did that (I didn’t know about him then), he closed the doors in 6 hours. So, take a look a look now at the link above and decide. It’s compelling stuff, this hyper-compounding.

Let’s do the supposedly “impossible”. In the video you’re about to see, a novice trader is starting a journey along the Speed Retirement path. I told you about Greg Roy’s Speed Retirement plan. Well, his business partner, Jason, just gave his mom $50.000 as a
gift and Greg is showing her how to use “hyper-compounding” to turn it into $1 million in about 5 years. (I know it’s seems unlikely, but the video makes be believe he can.)…

In the video, you’ll meet Kim, and you’ll watch her make the first trade (where she makes an instant $2,300.) and see an overview of the 5-year plan. NOTE: You can read “honesty” on this woman’s face, and her honest desire to create her retirement nest-egg.

He explains that she’ll never have to worry which direction the market will go – up, down, sideways – she can still reach her retirement goal.

Even with all of the glowing statements by Greg, I still had to force myself to view this video, as I’m a sceptic. Now that I’ve watched, I think you should, too…This Speed Retirement, Hyper-Compounding strategy reportedly breaks the chains that keeps most portfolios tied to how well the overall stock market performs. Kim no longer has to care about whether the market will “recover” (the NASDAQ hasn’t recovered 10 years after the crash… who has an extra lifetime to wait for the market?)

She doesn’t have to worry about another “crash” or worry if the market sat there and went nowhere for 5 years. And she’s doing it in about 5 minutes a month. Watch the video and take the journey with her…

What strikes me is that Greg’s process seems to have some nice elements of safety in it.

I’ll be watching Greg take Kim down the Speed Retirement path.