The specialists in the niche of the stock market business find it useful to group the stocks by the level of their capitalization. It goes without saying that the stocks that possess the same size trend and the capitalization possess equitable characteristics and performance as well. In the case, you have ever been dealing with the market cap you should be informed with the fact that the it is found by the multiplying of shares cost by the general amount of outstanding shares.

The bright example of our words is the fact that the company IBM was trading its shares in the following way. The price of each share was 100$. The very company possesses 50 million shares outstanding. Accordingly, to the definite event, you might make conclusion that the general capitalization of the IBM Company is about $5 billion. The very example describes to the reader the capitalization of the macro cap stocks. However, in the very item, we are going to explain for you the observing some facts related to the micro cap stocks. We belong to them the companies the capitalization of which is about $300 million.

If we would observe the positive and negative factors about the small cap stocks, we would notice that the definite type of capitalization has the plenty of different advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. In the case, the very information interest you, you might easily find more details bout it in the very article as well. They are the following: high potential growth rates, the lack of information and analysis, illiquid trading, and the high level of risk presented in the micro caps as well. However, first we would observe some details about the micro caps stocks, you must be sure that they form the small percentage of your portfolio.

We consider, it would significant to remind you once more, that the good – diversified portfolios, as the matter of the fact, contain stocks from each market cap category. You have to be informed with the fact that the success in the stock market depends on both, either the selection of the stocks you are going to buy and to be good in speculation process. In the other words, you must be well – informed about the fact what type of the shares worth buying and which one is not.

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