There are many people that give day trading a go. What you should know before day trading is that most people lose money when the try to be a day trader. There are several resons this happens. We will discuss the reasons most people lose and what it takes to be successful.

Most people lose simply because they lack the personality to make it work. In order to be a day trader you have to have high self-control. You can’t let your emotions effect your trades. This is one of the most important things to know before you begin day trading.

Anoter reason people lose money is because they think day trading involves making a ton of trades every day, when the fact is you should make 1 or 2 solid trades a day and that is all. Day traders that “make up trades,” which is finding a trade when there isn’t one, will usually be out of money before they began. To be successful you must be patient and wait for trades to develope instead of trying to force trades that are not there.

One final reason I will discuss people think they can just wake up and find some trades and start trading. This is so far from the reality of making money day trading it is not even funny. Day trading is very hard work if you want to do it right. You should be doing a ton of homework at night when the market is closed to wake up and trade only the prospects you studied. You have to profile your trades on a long term basis to day trade them and be accurate to make money.

Most people lose money when they day trade, so don’t quit your day job until you can afford to take a shot at it and don’t burn bridges when you leave. Most people are better traders when they have another source of income. This allows them to let the stocks breathe, instead of panicing and selling it when it could be a good trade.

There are good sources to get Free Stock Picks and sometimes they are not bad. Before trading any picks you should be able to see past performance as well as recent performance. This way you know the accuracy of the stock pickers. Day trading stock picks are hard to find, if you find a source to get good picks keep them tabbed as one of your favorites, and make sure you are trading the Best Free Stock Picks.

As a day trader you should be shooting for 1-2% gains and moving on to the next trade. It is always a good idea to lock in profits at 1-2% on your day trades since volatility could stop you out.

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