Investing can be challenging to understand because you’ll find many moving pieces and lots of controversy in what works best. Just when you start to think that you understand enough of basic principles to start investing you discover that there is even controversy in when to make your investments. Do the factors that have an effect on investing never end?

When to make my investment? Yes, you have a choice of dollar cost averaging, lump sum investing (start of year vs. end of year) or ongoing automatic investing and these are just the basic choices with nothing fancy added on. Does this really matter? Do you need to go out and understand each of the complex details behind each of these?

When looking at your physical fitness one of the areas that is crucial is cardiovascular exercise, cardio for short. This sort of exercise helps with bettering the functioning of your heart plus burns calories. When you first start working out you can quickly be overcome by each of the methods for how to do your cardio. Do you go for low intensity, high intensity, interval or some other combination and what is this plateau thing that everyone is talking about? Unfortunately there is not one answer to which is the best all of the time. Why? Every individual has various goals, and everyone has various time frames for completing our objective plus other aspects such as how much time we need to workout each day. Instead we want to know the basics of each style and go for the one style or combination of styles that actually works best for us and our conditions.

This also applies to determining when to make your investment. Following are three easy steps to follow that will help you make a decision what works best for you.

First, know enough about each method that you understand when and where to use it. By learning that interval training allows the heart become healthier faster you may apply that when you\’re short on time for a workout. More bang for your buck! Likewise when you learn that over time the best way to invest your money is in a lump sum at the beginning of the year you can adapt that strategy if your income is structured to have bonus payouts in January. You won’t be able to make any of those decisions without knowing what each one means for you, so start reading and asking questions about different types of investment timing approaches.

2nd, once you understand the basics of each evaluate your position and figure out what you can do. Despite the fact that you might want to do high intensity training to get you to your goal quicker, if your doctor has said that you need to stick with low intensity first then that is what you do! Likewise if you want to big invest, but don’t have extra cash sitting around then you want to start with steady automatic investing.

Finally, begin investing. Do not get stuck with paralysis by analysis and not do anything. You will not lose the weight unless you do some sort of cardio. You won’t become rich by not saving any money so at a minimum set up an automatic investing program and get going.

Don’t make use of not having a complete knowing of investing as a reason not to invest, you will always find something new that you can know about and debate about before you begin investing. Ask for help and get going! You can always go back and understand the intricacies of dollar cost averaging after you have started investing; the battling sides will still be there.
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