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Almost every week, you will find a new forex robot being launched. Most of these forex robots are being now supported with their live trading account performance something that was missing a few years back. This makes their performance convincing to the potential customers. But does it really mean that you can also repeat that performance?

You can, if you know something about forex trading and how the forex market works. If you are looking for the best forex robot than you must read this article. FAP Turbo is still going strong. Forex MegaDroid is one robot that shows it’s live trading account online on the website since it’s launch in the beginning of 2009. It has made more than 2,300% NET PROFIT since it started trading live on that account, you can visit the website and read the live trading account statements that are updated minute by minute as everything is being kept transparent by the two developers who are professional traders with more than 20 years of trading the currency market.

Another robot that made waves in the forex community was the Forex Automator Pro. This robot has been developed by David Fields who turned his $50,000 into $1.5 million. This gives a return of more than 3,000% something really astounding. David Fields shows performance of his robot on his website.

Forex Trading Scalper made an astounding 738% for Joseph Taylor who had very little trading experience. This robot uses scalping as the main strategy. Scalping is done when you enter the market, grab a few pips quickly and then exit very quick. This makes the scalping trade almost risk free. Precisely because of this reason, many trader don’t use any stop loss when scalping the currency market.

But, the problem is that you need to make a lot of scalping trades if you want to make a few hundred pips everyday. Something that is not humanely possible. But this turbo charged engine can make many scalping trades in a day on autopilot that are not humanely possible. You need to watch the video on the website.

Forex Supersonic Strategy, a forex breakout trading strategy has been developed by John Wilson, who used it to make $36,063 every month on average. He gave away his forex supersonic strategy FREE. But he also has a Forex Supersonic EA that automates that manual trading strategy. This breakout trading strategy is making a lot of ripples in the forex community.

You see, what is happening is this that many successful forex traders who have been using manual or mechanical forex trading systems over the years highly successfully have teamed up with expert programmers and have automated their manual or mechanical trading strategies into an Expert Advisor that can be used by anyone.

To succeed with these EAs, you need to understand something about forex trading and how the currency market behaves. The performance of these EAs naturally is highly dependent on their settings. What you need to learn first when you trade with these EAs is how to optimize their settings.

Another robot that hit the market recently is the Xtreme Pip Poacher. This has been developed by Drew Collinson who traded for 26 years with 533 different trading system but failed until he discovered a secret glitch that was pointed out to him by a multi millionaire trader friend.

The problem is this that most of the forex brokers are highly unscrupulous with their retail clients. They will easily trip their stops or suddenly widen the spreads taking the excuse of volatility in the market. Whatever, the performance of these EAs also depend on the spreads and of course on the brokers not tinkering with them.

So what Drew did was develop the Broker Detection Technology BDT that can protect you from your forex broker. His robot uses swing trading as the basic trading strategy. Whatever, automated trading is coming of age and with the passage of time, you will find more and more sophisticated robots hitting the market.