To trade in the Forex market it is possible in online mode. Trade is made 24 hours from Monday till Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days off. There are a number of programs for earnings in the currency forex market online, for example, MetaTreder.

Intuitively clear to the user there is the interface with the menu of any language whether it is English or any other language. Opening and closing of warrants is made in Forex online mode on request of the trader. There are a number of mini programs so called advisers facilitating work of traders. They automate online work on Forex work with warrants.

Partly in their use there is the number of advantages most important from them is the human factor. Also there is software for installation on cellular telephones. You can trade on Forex online both using a demo account and on real accounts. The warrant rate can be from 1$ to 100$ and more.

The balance shares on some parts:

1. Means – displays all sum of money resources.

2. Pledge – the allocated sum on warrant opening.

3. Freely – displays the sum of free money resources.

4. Level – display of available assets, according to open warrants in a percentage parity.

The schedule (graphics) represents dependence of currencies of the different countries among themselves which in online mode of the forex market is updated. The updating mode is exposed in the program: every minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour, hour, 4 hours, days, monthly and on 1 number of each month in a year.

To trade on Forex online it is possible in the presence of the Internet or by means of phone calls in which process you make the quotation on opening and warrants closing.

For definition of movement of currency quotations in online Forex it is necessary to have initial knowledge in fundamental and technical analyses.

The fundamental analysis consists in a political situation of the countries which currencies you trade. The technical analysis is more difficult. It includes every possible analysis of indexes Forex online.

Forex rating never fell. Its public relations worked on its popularity exclusively there and back, both business of new generation, and financial, destroying “roulette”. For someone Forex is a work, a useful occupation or even a science and someone considers Forex as dangerous game in which the main engines it is passion and fate. As a rule, the first it is those who earns money and the second it is those who has lost all of them.

In crisis time in the world Forex rating has so flied up that some analysts confirm that exactly exchange attack will help to cope with financial crisis. They suggest enclosing the large sum of an exchange turn for the short-term period during which it is possible in times to raise incomes and to cover financial holes! And if it helps Forex rating will increase above. There is a rough discussion in this respect.

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