Watch this weird 30 minutes Stock Trading FREE video! Read this Trade The Banks Special FREE Report Series and discover the OVI Indicator. Know this shocking Dow Futures secret that can make you rich! A quick story…On April 26th Guy Cohen, published author and 10 year veteran of the stock market wars, tipped off the world that the market had unreal levels of volatility and that a major drop was coming! Sure enough, just a week later he was right…and his analysis is proving right again TODAY! But how did he do it?

–We’ll get to the ‘how’ in a minute–Yesterday Guy put on a special strategy session (replay here) which he taught:

– Why the big banks and Wall St. don’t fight fair (and how you can trade WITH them).

– A simple strategy that can help you ‘be the banker’ and do it in just 15 minutes a day.

– The OVI — a groundbreaking, indicator you can use to legally “spy” on the big banks and know EXACTLY what stocks to buy or sell.

**-OK here’s the HOW-**

He also announced the release of his very unique course “Trade the Banks” … and already hundreds of success seeking traders and investors have snatched their copy so they can enjoy a little ‘investing’ Tea Party. If you missed the online strategy session yesterday, you can still watch it for a limited time! When you’re finished, take a few minutes to read Guy’s open letter to traders and investors and then ask yourself:

– Can you find 15 minutes a day to place trades that have a higher probability of profit?

– Do you want to trade when YOU want to trade? Whether it’s in the morning, at lunch or in the evening? The Trade the Banks strategy is PERFECT for you.

In the course, you’ll get

** The full Trade The Banks strategy course — you can get through this in just a few hours and be ready for your first trade the next day!

** Complete access to the OVI indicator — so you can legally (but secretly) ‘spy’ on the big money moves in the market.

** Guy’s ‘mOVIng Stocks List’ — this daily top five update will tell which stocks the OVI likes BEST every day.

**One year of total email support.

** A live ‘group’ coaching session with Guy, so he can make sure you have total command of the strategy and the OVI!

Guy’s Trade the Banks also comes with 30 Days of TOTAL SATISFACTION — if you’re not happy for any reason, send it back with no questions asked. There’s just one week to get in on this. Guy will be taking new students until 11:59PM May 26th.

But first — take some time and listen to Guy’s online strategy session from yesterday…