Get these Forex Scalping and Correlation Trading Cheatsheets FREE just now. Watch these Triple Threat FX- Trading Psychology FREE video series that reveal the secrets of making millions. It’s Time…. Time to Allow Yourself to Succeed with your Trading and Future! Let me be Frank Here! To be truly successful you need to accept some loss and forgive yourself for past trading mistakes. In the finance world it’s called an “opportunity cost” meaning let it go! No further actions will change the past, and efforts and energy spent on whatever ensued is a useless waste of your time. These actions of attempting to recoup losses will undoubtedly foster failure by causing you to focus on doubt and fear.

Replace “Loss is Painful” with…

“Not Following My Plan is Painful”.

No trade is 100% profitable.

No model performs without drawdowns and losses. None. Period.

Take emotion out of the equation.

It’s illogical to expect perfection.

Be smart, prepared and calculated…

Todd shows you how in his next video:

Norman Hallett from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: Todd Brown’s ‘exacting’ video series on trading discipline is something you should see. His research on how the mind works is inspiring! Don’t be fooled by the fact that Todd’s site logo is title “Triple Threat FX”, this video series applies to ALL TRADERS (we all need discipline!).

New traders who come to us here at The Disciplined Trader Intensive often ask WHY they keep making the same mental/emotional mistakes over and over again. The answer lies in HOW the subconscious mind works and in Todd’s latest video (#4 of 6 in the series) zooms in on how to be smart, prepared and calculating in your trading.

There are always conflicting opinions about where the Dow is going… especially now, after the pain of the last few years, followed by money pouring back into equities. If you haven’t yet requested this free 6-video series, do so here, as it applies to ALL TRADERS…

Brett Fogle, President, Options University: Have you ever wondered why many of the world’s top traders use candlestick charts every day? Simple…Because candlesticks show you DOUBLE the information of old-fashioned bar charts. But when traders use candle charts incorrectly, the consequences are costly. That’s why I want to invite you to a valuable webinar next week… as my special guest.

“Candle Charting Basics & Beyond: Catching The Next Move”

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn these vital principles from Steve Nison himself. He’s the guy who brought candlesticks to Western traders. And he’s an expert at showing how to combine candles with technical indicators for spotting reversals BEFORE your competitors. In other words, Steve is THE EXPERT when it comes to candle charts. From my viewpoint, there’s no one else you should even listen to on the subject. (Because everyone else just copies his strategies!)

When you discover these valuable trading insights, your confidence will grow and you’ll know how to maximize your profits with candles. As my guest, there is no cost to attend this webinar. Seats are limited, so claim yours now:

DATE: February 18, 2010
TIME: 8:30pm EST (New York time)
LENGTH: Approximately 45 minutes

Full information about this no-cost webinar is available here…Don’t delay — get your spot now. I look forward to having you join us! Trade Smart. Not Often.