Get these three great Stock Trading Reports written by battle hardened investing professionals. Turn $200 into $100K in just three months with this Penny Stock Picking System. Discover the top 10 Stock Trading World Cup Robots-#1 ranked robot is already 156.96% up in profit in just 11 days. Automated trading is the future of trading. So, how do these little desktop robots show such great back tested results? Simple, they are simply algorithms designed to show great profits on one set of historical data. How it does going forward is anybody’s guess. It’s the ultimate in curve fitting. That’s why each robot can only “trade” one currency pair in one time interval.

In other words, these “Robots” are designed to be back-tested. Then they are updated monthly so the most recent data can be used to maintain the illusion.

Essentially, they are picking the winner of the race after the race has been run!! The idea behind most of these robots is to trade when the markets are very quiet and take very small profits from the random movement of the market while using very wide stops. This allows a lot of “wins” in a row (maintaining the illusion) before a big loss wipes you out. If you really want to be successful trading you have to put in the effort to learn to trade, and use the “Secret Weapon” that each of us has.

Scientists have never even come close to producing a super-computer as powerful as the human brain. We can process amazing amounts of data instantaneously. That’s why systems don’t work, but trading methods do work. When you look at a chart you can easily understand the national, international and financial forces affecting that chart. Yes, even technical trader should be aware of the world around them. Do you really think what happens in the equity markets don’t effect the currency markets (or visa versa)?

I offer two software products which are great tools for traders with realistic expectations. DecisionBar Trading Software and TrendLine Trader Trading Software are based on two separate methods I personally use to trade the markets. They were designed by a real trader for real traders.

DecisionBar works by tracking current and previous support and resistance levels and issuing signals depending on how whatever you are trading acts when it encounters these levels. While it is a great day trading tool for advanced traders, it also gives beginning traders and longer term traders a “roadmap” of the market.

Trendline Trader tracks the trend at each moment in time by tracking highs, lows and momentum and issuing signals as trendlines are automatically drawn.

In my opinion, TrendLine Trader is a more aggressive trading tool for more advanced traders. It is a good scalping tool.

When you combine your reasoning abilities with tools like DecisionBar or TrendLine Trader you have a winning combination. All you need is the commitment to make it work for you. When you get tired of looking for that “Holy Grail,” please check out my products. Thanks for your time, and I wish you good trading,