Trading tendencies of Forex is a long movement of the market in a certain direction, upwards or downwards. Different types of traders trade in various time intervals.

1. For traders per day the long-term tendency can last in a current of several hours.

2. For traders on fluctuations the intermediate term tendency is defined in transactions for last week or two.

3. Traders using long-term strategy look at market fluctuations for the last period in month or even year.

Actually, if you are on Forex – the trader per day can lose the money for days. So the tendency is defined in some hours. Decisions should be accepted quickly, to enter and leave from the market for a fraction of a second. If to take into consideration trading costs such strategy is better for leaving to Forex experts.

Traders on fluctuations follow so-called unexpected spasmodic change of market condition. Intermediate term fluctuations are similar to any diagram. … Raising some weeks sometimes being for a short while stabilized at certain level the rate of exchange starts to fall. To trade on Forex using such strategy at first sight is simple. A problem is that any unexpected economic news can serve as the confusion reason on Forex and is cardinal change a direction of movement of the rate of exchange.

Now many disputes are conducted: whether there are such traders or not? Actually it is simple the definition characterizing investors, such as Uoren Buffet. More often these children are large players in the market Forex. They sell and buy a currency large quantity but transactions are spent much longer rather than by traders for day and traders on fluctuations.

Trade strategy has per day generated variety of indicators of the technical analysis, the mathematical formulas trying to predict following movement of the market. At the heart of all technical indicators the thought consists that the future in this or that a kind is defined past. It is the biggest lack inherent in all indicators of the technical analysis. For example, sliding average value is interpreted by the majority of traders as a signal to purchase or sale. It is given reason so: if the price for currency raises, according to sliding average value, this growth will last any certain time.

The traders using long-term strategy prefer to name themselves investors, and they spend the most part of time observing of fundamental factors of market Forex to make the decision on purchase and sale. Banks and the investment companies also often use technical indicators such as sliding average indexes for six months.

The schedules used by traders in the market Forex rather differ from usual linear schedules, schedules of candles and diagrams. Linear schedules basically represent a simple line connecting price of closing of today, yesterday’s etc. The diagram shows the opening and closing price. Terribly popular schedules of candles show much more information: the highest price, the lowest price and also the opening and closing price.

Trading tendencies on Forex are a subject of many disputes, uncountable researches and a great lots of assumptions.

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