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Les Schwartz: Anyway, when he came over I gave him strict orders to take all the money in my account and buy General Motors if it moved above the value of the upper horizontal line, or to sell GM short if it fell below the value of the lower horizontal line. Of course, he had to tell me I was crazy and didn’t know what I was doing (and I wasn’t all that sure I didn’t agree with him) but I made him place the orders, and left to pick up my daughter.

For the next couple of weeks I was busy finding an apartment, moving, interviewing baby-sitters, and doing whatever else just-divorced people do as they prepare to begin the next part of their lives. I didn’t read newspapers, and didn’t even think about the stock market. When I finally got back to my broker, I almost ran to the terminal. This is what I saw: My Trading account had increased in value by almost 20%!! A few minutes later, I had liquidated my position and I had my first paycheck as a trader!!

I won’t tell you that I was on easy street after that. I still had a lot to learn, a lot of mistakes to make, and a lot of avenues to explore, but that one trade convinced me to stop listening to others and to follow my instincts. Through the years I found more low-risk, high percentage set-ups. I found that all markets show a basic rhythm based on supply and demand, support and resistance, momentum and exhaustion. Eventually, I became a full time trader and began day-trading stocks and other trading instruments like futures and forex. My reputation grew among a select group of well known Internet “Gurus” who would hire me to teach them my methods.

Now it’s your turn! When I turned 60 in 2005 I decided I was tired of sitting in front of the computer, and that I would make my methods available to just a few traders for the first time. I hired some programmers to turn my low-risk, high percentage trading methods into an easy to use software program. I call it DecisionBar Trading Software. Helping people to trade successfully has been a great experience. On a daily basis I get emails like this one from Oscar, right here is South Florida: “Again I wanted to let you know that DecisionBar is amazing, it really works!!” I still do some trading, but now I also get to do some traveling, and I’m making good on some promises I made a long time ago.