Turn $200 into $100K in 2010 with this Penny Stock Trading System. Discover a Forex Robot that made 2,270.30% in 2009 starting from March 30th 2009 averaging 101% every month. Learn Forex Trading the Recession Proof Home Business of 21st Century.Matt, The Microcap Millionaire: Hey….Pretty sure you have seen a little info about my new PPF (Penny Pump Finder) strategy? Well…the only bad thing about it…is the fact that it is new. Haven’t been cranking out zillions in my trading account using it just yet, but it is showing a lot of promise! I sent out an alert to paid members of MM this past Friday, explaining that I was playing GDHI as my first PPF play.

**I ended up selling at .0035 so it was just under a 100% profit after my sell order was executed. 🙂

Got quite a few emails from members this morning who told me about their experience…most made at least 60%.

Now here’s the deal. I may alert 1 PPF pick this week to non paid members…but only after I release it to paid members. Cool? Cuz after that they are going to be for paid members only. I’ll still send out the occasional bottom bouncer, etc. to people on the non paid list, but PPF picks are very “thin” as we traders like to say…meaning there is only a small amount of shares available at low levels.

If I alert all of you it would not give paid MM’ers a fair chance to get shares of the next PPF pick. I understand that some of you just want to see some results before you sign up, and that’s what I’m trying to show you. So if you want to go ahead and try out MM as a paid member…Now is the time! I’m giddy as a school girl about this new strategy, and I want to help you make some big time cash money by using it. It’s $49 a month to join MM and you can cancel just by sending me an email telling me that you want to cancel.

Here is a couple testimonials copied and pasted from my email inbox this morning:

That was fantastic! Thanks Matt. Had my sell in at .003 and they filled it at .0037.

Awesome! Watched the premarket close And got out at .0037!! Forgive my newbie
Enthusiasm. I’m just stoked to finish in the Green today! Thanks again matt, you’re the Only alert worth anything!

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Don’t risk not getting in on all the PPF action, it’s going to be an awesome year for MM’ers…Seriously…$49 for your first month is all it takes. You no like? Cancel. That’s it, see ya on the other side. I realize these stocks are on the otcbb and pink sheets…so you won’t hear the infobabes on cnbc talking about them…but the profits from these trades still spends the same way last time I tried it. Well I was just about to call it another boring day, but something popped up that is fairly interesting.

New MM Pick: GMPW
*please read entire alert*

This penny stock has had virtually no volume or news recently, that is until today:

GMPW stated they are reducing the outstanding shares from 30 million to 27 million…not a huge reduction but it’s also a nice suggestion that they will continue to issue bullish press releases. Do not use more money than you can afford to lose. Let’s see how it does the rest of today, could be a huge mover next week too. I realize this stock is up prior to my alert, and I am not trying to take credit for alerting it beforehand. I actually like the fact that it has good volume today, it’s something to build off of. Did you want to become a paid member? You would have got this alert around lunch time… $49 a month and you can cancel easily.