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Yes… PROOF. And for the first time ever, concrete proof… the way it should be delivered: No other FX robot on the market has over 50 accounts publicly viewable in real-time. No gimmicks, no tricks, no stories…a real breakthrough in the industry – complete REAL-TIME transparency. That is how confident these guys are about their Forex Legend!

So, at the end of the day, ask yourself this: If they are trading the robot in front of your eyes – 24/7, if you can see the robot’s trades as they happen, if you can see it achieving impressive results in real-time and on a consistent basis…how far are YOU from finally making a killing from trading FX? You know the answer! You can read more about the robot here (and, of course, view its real-time trading):

Mark McRae: I’m about to show you something that could dramatically change your trading instantly…and I’m going to give it to you as a gift. There’s a lot in this post so let’s get started. As I explained yesterday, there is a very powerful trading robot being released at 2 PM EST today. There seems to be overwhelming proof that this robot may well be the best ever released.

First, the new robot…It’s called the Forex Legend and it looks like a real powerhouse. They were so confident that their trading robot worked that they backed 52 live trading accounts with $115,000 of their own money. When you go to the website, you can see the results of those 52 accounts, and I can tell you right now that they are impressive.

Here’s what I like about the new robot…it trades well in all market conditions. I bet you have tried a few of these things that work for a few weeks then just destroy your account. Well, this one’s different.

They also give you VPS hosting at no cost, which is very important for a trading robot, otherwise you have to leave your computer on 24 hours a day. “This robot doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money.” They have excellent training videos and a huge support team that will be on hand should you need help.