Get these three Stock Trading Reports written by battle hardened investing professionals plus this Swing Trading Software FREE. Know this shocking Dow Futures secret that can make you rich. Geoff Bysshe, Co-Founder, MarketGauge: There is an exciting Strategies & Tactics class planned for next week. If you are a day trader you should check it out! Save this date (and even pre-register!) Next Thursday, Jan. 28th (7:00 – 10:00 p.m. EST)

MarketGauge Strategies & Tactics training is designed to build on your existing trading knowledge to take your trading to the next level. This means giving you strategies and tactics that work well in current market conditions. January’s class will be called: “Market Pressure Points” We probably should be calling it “Profit Points” rather than Pressure Points, but saying that just a few times in an email can flag it as spam.

What Are Market Pressure Points?
A Market Pressure Point is a price range that builds up pressure between the bulls and the bears. You can see it developing well before you must act . The end result of this build up of pressure is a surge in the price – up or down, and… It’s a huge opportunity to trade a quick move in price. In the course, Market Pressure Points, you’ll learn how to know when a market is building pressure that will lead to surge in price action . If you’re an experienced trader you are probably thinking that I’ve just described a breakout. I have, but…
We’re going to take your ability to profit from these patterns to a new level. For example…

• What is the difference between consolidation and compression?
• What do you look at to confirm the best chance that price will have a big move out of the pattern and not fail?

Why You Should Trade Pressure Points?
This is a great trading plan for the day trader in any market – bull, bear or choppy. We’re going teach you to day trade these set ups based on a 5-min. and 60-min. time frame because…

• You can trade quick hits and longer position day trade plays – whichever fits your style
• You’ll have trades in any part of the day – morning, lunch or afternoon
• You can look for set-ups in real-time or at night for the next day
• You’ll find great set-ups in your favorite trading stocks
• You can find more set-ups by easily scanning the market with HotScans.

Save the Date and Pre-Register So You Don’t Miss It!
All too often after we hold a course I get emails from traders saying that they never heard from us after the “save the date” email. I hate when that happens!

So this time I’ve posted a no-obligation pre-registration form on the Strategies and Tactics home page. This is a perfect strategy for trading the big intra-day moves we’re experiencing right now!
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