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So, what is Kajabi? Kajabi is the newest marketing software released to public last week and is sweeping the internet. Okay, that’s partially a lie. Kajabi is not “new”, four of the top internet marketers on the internet have been using it all of 2010 for the release of every one of their products. Now is the time when most of you are about to close this window and forget you were ever here. Before you do just check out this video first. This is NOT a squeeze page, you DON’T have to give out your email, it is a direct link to an informative video on how kajabi can work for you. I been working on the internet for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve seen a piece of software that has the ability to change the way marketing is done on the internet.

Now as you can probably already tell Kajabi is software designed for the serious internet marketer. Now I’m going to follow Kajabi’s philosophy and skip any more hype and just let the product speak for itself.

Some of the features of Kajabi

Kajabi Builds Membership Sites

No matter what type of product or service you want to sell, without a doubt a membership site is the best way to do it. Kajabi will help you create a flourishing online community based around your product or service, giving you long lasting residual income.

Kajabi Captures Unlimited Leads

Kajabi contains a system of funnel pages, squeeze pages and landing pages designed to capture as many leads as possible all of which can be integrated with your email service or provider of your choice.

Kajabi Squeeze Page Screenshot

Kajabi Squeeze Page Screenshot

Kajabi Gives You Absolute Control Over Your Content

    • Schedule Posts For Release
    • Release Content Relative To The User’s Sign Up Date (1 day after they sign up, 2 hours after they sign up, etc.,)
    • Searchable Tags On Content
    • Attach Videos To Content
    • Attach Audio Files to Posts
    • Attach Multiple Files To Content (pdf, doc, xls, etc,)
    • Feature Posts To All Users, Or Restrict Them To A Select Few
Kajabi Member Portals Screenshots

Kajabi Member Portals Screenshots

With Kajabi you not only have complete control over the content you release, but also what goes on in your community. You have an in depth look at all your user’s profiles, their posts and stats and you have the ability to leave notes for future reference.  The admin panel also allows comment approval or rejection, highlighting of important comments and total view of the context of each comment.

Kajabi Landing Page ScreenShot

Kajabi Landing Page ScreenShot

Kajabi Project Management

Kajabi’s power comes into play through each individual project you set up through Kajabi. Each project can have multiple “funnels”. A funnel consists of more features than I can list here and may sound complicated. But while extremely powerful and feature rich they are very easy to deploy and use. The main features of a funnel are called “Events”. Kajabi Events would be the release of certain content for your prospective customers. They can contain squeeze pages with multiple file attachments, videos, comment area and all of these have optional pre-built templates to make deployment quick and hassle free.

Kajabi Funnel Page Screenshots

Kajabi Funnel Page Screenshots

Kajabi Funnels Are A Complete System

A Kajabi funnel also has many more features like sales pages. Each sales page can contain multiple offers. Offers in Kajabi can be integrated with 3rd party shopping cart systems and can appear at different times. For instance at a certain point in a sales video or presentation you can show an “Add To Cart” button that is tied to the specific product ID in Paypal, Clickbank, etc. Sales pages can also be integrated with leading email service providers like AWeber. Easily create Pre-Cart pages displayed after the Add To Cart button is clicked but before actual checkout occurs.

Like I said earlier I can not list all the features you get with Kajabi so if by now you’re not convinced that Kajabi is going to revolutionize the marketing industry check out this video, this is NOT a squeeze page and you don’t have to input your email, the link below will take you directly to the video  –

Check Out This Free Video And See How Kajabi Can Help You

Check Out This Free Video And See How Kajabi Can Help You

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