Predicting the Foreign Exchange market, also known as the Forex, can be difficult. Every day thousands of traders and brokers try to forecast the market with different levels of success. Predicting the forex market is sometimes like predicting the weather and nothing more than a guessing game but it can be a great ride.

People participating on the Forex Market basically use two different techniques to make predictions. There is the technical analysis and the fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis

The technical technique uses past activities on the market and uses this information to predict future events. Trends in most areas of life from the past are a good indicator of the future and the forex market is no different. Since the forex market was created people didn’t change a lot. People still purchase and sell stuff and always react to events happening in their surroundings like they did 50 years ago. People act the same all over the globe.

Checking out past data of the forex can be a daunting task because forex rates change everyday on every moment. Clever traders and brokers found out that it is easier to look at the total picture and skip small details and study trends over a longer period of time.

Fundamental Analysis

The fundamental technique is a way to predict the forex market by going deep into external factors and this method can be very precise. What basically happens is that fundamental research predicts the forex on external factors like political changes, government participation, social shifts and even the weather. People who know how to use fundamental research can predict a forex drop-off because of political unrest in a particular country, or increases because a popular leader came into power. Everything that can influence the economy of a country can effect the currency exchange rates. This is exactly what a fundamental analyst uses to predict the future on the forex market.

This kind of in-depth information means you have to know everything there is to know of a certain nation in the world and that is only possible for a few countries at a time. (It is even more difficult to predict the rates for the euro because many different countries use this currency.) But when you have access to such complex information it becomes easy to predict trends on the forex market.

People who are successful on the foreign exchange usually apply both techniques, fundamental and technical. For instance, a broker finds out that a hurricane is approaching a certain country (fundamental) and knows that in the past a hurricane means economic slow down for that country (technical). With this information the broker can forecast down-turns with some degree of confidence.

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