Readers, who have experience of practical work in the market, began to face a question: “What to do if the trading goes the wrong and unprofitable way? To beginners it, unconditionally, still is necessary to cope with it in some way, because it is one of the most important psychological questions for the trader.

Let’s understand what means when the business goes the worst ever and what it means in understanding of the trader. This theme has been conducted at a forum at which you can find the answers on the following questions:

Has purchased too highly.

Didn’t leave on stop.

Has lost too many money, couldn’t receive enough of profit.

Any external force has prevented me to leave on stop.

Constantly I am in a condition of the strongest stress.

Has tried to leave a trade and communication with the broker was broken.

Has opened a long position on a maximum.

I feel depression; others gain money and I am not.

I behave incorrectly, but I can do nothing with myself.

I repeat the same errors.

So you can find the answers to these questions on many forex forums and cope with these problems with the professional advisers.

And it only a little list of questions. We tested al it repeatedly. Also it is all very seriously. The American association of psychiatrists considers “a syndrome of day trader” as the frustration causing accustoming. And in general public representation about trading at the same time is cultivated as the simplest method to earn. All these forums as we perfectly know are completely created only for attraction of new clients.

And these new clients come, start to trade, without having learned anything plainly and continue to trade, despite losses in money and in life. Simply because in these forums and chats repeat: tomorrow all should change.

But tomorrow changes nothing and the day after tomorrow too. Eventually unique change is that one more trader loses the capital and leaves the market. Partly such result happens in the absence of formation and due training. Day trading is a profession. Well, as a last resort it is a serious employment. It is impossible to succeed in it without serious efforts. Now with all these reasons in mind let’s consider again the answers of poll resulted above and see what can be changed.

Technical issues

We qualify technical issues as the least serious. To this category we will carry type answers: the computer has broken, communication with the broker has broken, electricity have disconnected and so forth. We will notice that these problems by the nature are unpredictable and casual. They can cause uncertainty, the instant confusion, essential losses etc., but methods of overcoming of such problems are simple and obvious:

– Always have reserve channels and systems;

– Considering cost of computer techniques and an infrastructure today, it is absolutely inexcusable to have the computer with insufficient operative memory, a network with insufficient handling capacity and etc.

– Remember that losses even on the unique transaction can easily move cost of all equipment necessary for trading.

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