The amount of different businesses in the world is vast. Old and new, widespread and compact, well paid or stingy. What they all have in common however is that they all require some form of cohesion and communication to function properly. Sadly, these skills dont come naturally to everyone and so team building activities are an important part of company development. But what type of company requires team building the most?

Smaller Companies. Companies that have a bit of age and have grown to a reasonable size often benefit from well developed communication channels and hierarchies that allow everyone to know their place and responsibilities. This tends to bring down the frequency of team member conflicts and means there is often greater accountability assigned to specific people. Smaller businesses tend not to have such structure and so team building events like corporate cookery days help to cement relationships and keep communication channels open.

Office Businesses. Whilst you might imagine working in quite a closed environment and with so many easy modes of communication might lead to well developed team cohesion, the reverse is often true. Workers are often more inclined to email each other rather than leaning over and talking properly, and so team building days are very affective at getting people out of their shells and helping them actually learn a bit about each other.

Ethnically Diverse Companies. More and more companies are employing people from different ethnic backgrounds. Whilst there are benefits from having a more culturally diverse workforce, it can pose problems for team interaction. As well as potential issues with communication due to different languages, there are often differences in manners and attitudes that need to be considered. Team building days help everyone to appreciate each others culture and beliefs, and can really improve everyones work efficiency.

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