Is the foreign exchange marketplace better off doing manual trading or did it hit a technological breakthrough of improving the way they do live trading through automated foreign exchange trading robots? This is a classic query on both beginner & veteran traders who are making the decision whether or not to buy a foreign exchange trading robot for their live trading. All of them started out as mere application programs that they can use to aid us in our live trades, now, they have advanced mechanisms that make it run on automatic pilot, even without human intervention.

For one, the foreign exchange trading robots can work tirelessly even in case you leave it on round the clock. This is compared to a manual trader who inevitably gets worn out & would choose to cease trading even on the best trading hours. As long as you keep your computer turned on, you can leave it jogging & not worry about losing any money on your account because it does not execute aggressive trades. This has been one of the strongest features that got me purchasing my own foreign exchange trading robot, the Forex magic machine.

Another advantage is the fact that my Forex magic machine can execute live trades without the bias of whatever emotion I have for a given day. Even right after a losing trade, my upcoming trades will seldom be based on fear or skepticism about the market trend or I am seldom in danger of trading aggressively fueled by greed for more & instant profit. The Forex magic machine executes live trades only when it meets optimum market conditions. It works with the built in RCTPA or the Reverse Correlated Time & Cost Analysis that will enable it to record any abrupt or extraordinarily giant financial loss for upcoming trades. It will even automatically cease trading if it detects any of these not so winning market pattern.

As a beginner trader, you can choose to have a foreign exchange trading robot to make use of so you will seldom must wait for years of trading experience or wait until you learn the experts’ techniques or wait until you get to understand every bit & nuance of a live trade chart. Your robot will start generating a steady stream of profit for you even without meeting these requirements. The Forex magic machine even has a built in artificial intelligence method that will exactly forecast the winning trades for the next six to three hours. All you need to do is monitor the robot & understand the way it does live trades so that you can change the settings for optimum use next time. I am also positive glad about purchasing the Forex magic machine because it seldom asked me to pay for any recurring fees after paying the six times purchase cost.

You must know that managed forex account is a risky investment, because forex trading in itself can result both in profits and losses.

That is why we seriously recommend to learn more about the topic of forex investment, before you start investing any money on it.