Premium rate numbers are numbers which provide certain services that any other normal numbers and also are very expensive. Few examples of premium rate numbers are 0871 numbers and 0870 numbers. Calling these numbers can cost upto 10pence per minute.

Below I have listed, how much it costs to call these numbers through various networks.

Calling 0870 numbers costs upto 10pence p/min. Peak time calls will costs 5 pence from BT, 4 pence from talk talk, 10 pence from Virgin and 5 pence from Sky.

Peak time calls to 0871 numbers could cost upto 11pence p/min. Normal daytime costs to this number from BT is 10p p/m, talk talk is 10p p/m, virgin is 10p p/m, sky is 10p p/m.

There are other premium rate numbers such as 0845 and 0844 numbers call can costs upto 7 pence p/min.

And the reason for companies to use these numbers is?

Simply because they are money makers for businesses. Phone calls of over 5 min to these numbers can cost a caller 4 p per/min, after a simple maths of 3000 calls per day, these numbers can make big companies upto £300,000 per year.

Some individuals and companies have suffered badly through these charges. One way of getting your money back is if you have made a phone call through the premium rate numbers to any organisation, let’s say to complaint, and then ask the company to refund the cost of your call.

After that you contact your phone provider and request them to hold the payment of that part of the bill, till this situation is sorted. This is not a guaranteed money back solution but it is certainly worth a try.

You can also visit Otelo and Cisas’s Website to seek advice and help in regards to your situation.