Discover the 100 Percent Winners Software by the FAP Turbo Robot Team. Download this Forex Trading System FREE that makes 1,306% PM. Remember FapTurbo?Sure you do. They pretty much changed the face of Forex when they released their software a couple of years back. In fact, if you think back…you’ll remember that for a while, the term “EA” and “FapTurbo” were synonymous. EVERY EA was referred to as Fapturbo! When THEY do something, they go all out. NO half measures! Anyway, here’s the kicker…this has NOTHING to do forex…but they’ve actually coined a new term here, they’re calling it “sportsvesting”.

Now, WE know why we’re in the forex game, it’s because of the money. If you could make up to 30% EVERY DAY – with pretty much NO RISK… do you really care that it’s not forex? We don’t. We’ve got a little sneak preview of what the inside of this thing looks like, here it is: This stuff works by identifying “arbitrage solutions” … or “unlosable bets” if you prefer. We think this is going to be bigger than big…it’s going to be HUGE! It’s probably going to steal half the forex traders on the planet! Take a look at this little video they put up … it’s weird, but very cool! We’re going to be following this all the way, so we’ll have more information on this soon!

Apparently there’s a software coming out that makes Risk-FREE Gains up to 70% on single trades every day…You know me- I’m a forex geek and I couldn’t care less about sports… However, when I see RISK-FREE profits that are made by an automated software, I listen up! I hear it works by identifying arbitrage solutions (so called “unlosable bets”) and exploitng different odds given by different bookmakers. After all, it’s sort of investing, isn’t it, if you can’t lose? “Sportsvesting”, if you will!

And I couldn’t care less what I’m investing in as long as my bank account fills itself up on autopilot. Rumor has it that this thing is making up to 30% (!!) a day! Pretty incredible, if you ask me…grabbing data via spiders from all the bookies on the net in seconds, crunching numbers and spitting out sure bets with 30% (!!) gains. Yes – single bets! Here’s a picture I was able to obtain… thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Those red numbers are the profits you’re guaranteed to pocket when you click the ‘place bet’ button… Plus, I happen to know that the developers come from the forex market. Ever hear of a little product, called FAP Turbo?! Yep, that’s right- the same guys who developed the legendary FAP Turbo are the same guys behind this product. Seems that they’ve set out to write history again!