A trading system is not only the set of the rules. It is all about the right strategy that takes six vital factors into account. In this article we will give you tips on how to build a rule-based trading system.

Step 1: Research Your Mindset
(A) Know who you are: When trading the markets, first of all you should take a look at yourself and consider your individuality traits. Analyze your strenghts and weaknesses, then examine your reaction on various situations and how you would beahave if your position is subjected at risk.

(B) Does trading really suit you? Make sure that you can trade comfortably. For instance, if you have defined that day trading is the most suitable for you, then choose this one. You might also be the kind of person who likes tension, so you stay and watch the computer the whole day long. If the trading style that you use matches your personality, you will enjoy what you are doing in forex.

(C) Get ready: You should make a plan before you start trading. Preparation is very importa when you decided to start trading at forex market. When planning, you set limits. If you know exactly what you are searching for and how you plan to behave if the markket does what you forecast, you will be able to stand aside from fear.

(D) Be objective. Do not become overwhelmed by your emotions when trading. The only thing that matters is that your winning when you are right and your losses when you are wrong. You should get used to the thought that you will not be able to win every time when you trade. There will be losses sometimes.

(E) Be disciplined: Itmeans that you should know when to purchase and sell. Make your decisions based on your planned strategy and follow it.

(F) Be patient: Patience is a must when it comes to forex trading. Do not become frustrated when you lose. You will have a chance to make wins another day.

(G) Set realistic goals. It is also very impoirtant when you dabble into forex trading.

Step 2: Define Your Mission and Set Your Goals
It is easier to achieve a goal if you know which direction to move.
(B) You should start realize how much you need to make in a trade and how often you will need to trade to attain your goals.
Step 3: Make sure that you have enough finances.
Step 4: Choose a Market that Trades harmoniousely.
Step 5: Check your Methodology and see if it brings good results.
Step 6: Identify Your Risk-to-Reward Ratios and Define Your Limits.
So, follow all these steps to achieve success in forex trading.

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