Briefly speaking, managed forex trading is a virtual networking system which involves the currency dealers that are connected with each other by the telecommunication means. These dealers keep in touch with the leading financial centers of the whole universe. Forex is open 24 hours per day from 5:00pm (Eastern Time) on Sunday to 5:00 pm on Friday.

During these three trading sessions in Asia, Europe and USA, you can work due to your own time-table and immediately reply to the news in the financial market. In other words, it does not matter which time of the day you trade, be it a morning or night. If to define the forex phenomenon, this is an inter-bank market which appeared in 1971 – the time when the global trade switched from the fixed exchange rate system to the floating one.

Forex includes a couple of financial events made among the forex consultants who exchange the specific sum of money in a currency of any country for the currency of another at the discussed and previously agreed rate. It should be mentioned that these operations are conducted day and night, 5 working days.

On average, the daily currency trade equals to the sum of $1.9 trillion dollars. This means that the forex is the largest trade market in the whole world and outdoes any other trade market. Besides, every day the number of people willing to start trading online is getting bigger and bigger, because forex can offer them great number of opportunities to develop.

Apart from this, it is worth to be pointed out that forex is a unique market, owing to the fact that it lets many people to access it from any corner of the world. Besides, forex is not controlled by any external forces. Thus, the investors meaning the participants can determine the value of currency based on the demand only.

As far as forex is working around the clock, a strong support is needed. So you can contact this trade market by phone, email, chat, skype and other networking sources. What is more, forex cannot be affected by the bear markets that usually trade at falling prices.

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