Thursday, November 10th, 2011

1. Greg Dove of the National Flea Market Association, noted that the flea market industry has estimated annual sales of how much?

A. $2.5 Billion
B. $700 Million
C. Correct Answer: $30 Billion
D. $25 Billion

2. What is the Dow’s target for January according to chartist Daryl Guppy?

A. 15,000
B. Correct Answer: 12,600
C. 18,600
D. 9,500

3. With companies in the S&P 500 stock index reporting record profits, why aren’t stock prices also hitting record highs, according to Fast Money’s Karen Finerman

A. “Investors remain shell-shocked from the 2008 credit crisis.”
B. “House prices haven’t rebounded enough to create a ‘wealth effect’for buyers.”
C. “Market players are held back by uncertainty about the 2012 elections.”
D. Correct Answer: “The expectation is that earnings may decline if Europe can’t get out of its own way.”