Thursday, November 24th, 2011

1. The Head of Investment Strategy at AMP Capital expects China’s November inflation figures to come in at what level?

A. 3.5 to 4%
B. Correct Answer: 4.5 to 5%
C. 5.5 to 6%
D. 6.5 to 7%

2. According to the 2011 survey on the “Cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner,” what is the increase in the price of a pound of cranberries since last year?

A. Correct Answer: 7 cents
B. 8 cents
C. 9 cents
D. 10 cents

3. UK inflation, currently at 5 percent, has ate into people’s purchasing power. But which “category” has been hit hardest by inflation?

A. student
B. parent of a young family
C. Correct Answer: baby boomer (aged 45 – 65)
D. pensioner